Um. So is it totally weird that I have no idea what The Unlost is?

To be honest, I stammer every time anyone asks me what it is or what I do.

To me, it is undefinable.

And so… I decided to ask YOU.

Here were the answers I got.

♥  ♥  ♥

“A blog about what you’ve been thinking but had no way to say.”

“Human. A breath of fresh air. THIS is where our priorities should be. It’s a place to weed society’s BS out of your life.”

“It’s a reality check for those who are faking their way through life. Be you and don’t be ashamed of it.”

“I would say it’s the place where you can be yourself and relax. where you can go and truly enjoy yourself, laughing and crying with people who aren’t there on the site but are there in spirit laughing and crying along with you. i’d say it’s the place to go when you think you have nowhere else to turn to.”

“Empowering, hilarious truth that reads like it came from your best friend.”

“Aaaaah The Unlost (grinning sigh of delight) …. it’s a breath of fresh air in amongst all the chaos of structured ideals around what you “should” be doing with your life.
It’s liberating, it allows for the ropes holding down your mind to be cut loose and gives you a sense of mind-space to breathe. Aaaaaah ! (another joyous sigh of relief)
It’s thinking outside the square.
Go there for some discovery about life and more importantly, yourself.”

“the inner workings of your mind, what you’re afraid to say, what you say in your head, what you’re so curious other people are saying.”

“Therapy in blog form…”

“Inspiration, motivation, your mirror on the net guiding you to see, feel and experience ‘the light’ when you’re a bit in the dark.”

“It is where people our age can go for real and accurate advice and inspiration on how to find out what to expect in life. No nonsense propaganda of what we are “supposed” to be doing. It is about life fulfillment not doing what the masses think we should.”

“That voice in your head – what you strive to BE, to DO. You listen to it, you set the wheels in motion, but after a few days life’s patterns start sucking you back in again. Then just when you feel yourself “settling” – BAM – it’s Monday again, and there it is – your angel – in email form – a reminder from the Universe to continue striving, to continue being, to continue living for the better.”

“Unlost helps people find their path towards fulfillment by exploring life from many different angles, but always moving towards one’s life purpose, which will bring fulfillment and joy.”

“The Unlost is a 21 century blog dedicated to giving advice for the younger generation. It’s a motivational life-coaching site that will motivate to you to do something with you life and let you know that you’re not the only one that thinks/ feels the way you do!”

“The Unlost is a place to go to become inspired, then later propel not only your dreams but the real YOU who’s been waiting dormant inside of you. It’s the articulation of battles won, dreams giving birth to realities, and your better self.”

“It’s a blog about finding direction, being confident in yourself, and learning how to grow.”

“If the career counselor at your college kept in touch with their youthful, college selves.”

“I would say that The Unlost gives valid, practical advice. I would say that The Unlost is relevant. And I would say that The Unlost is one of the only sources for young people out there that encourages vulnerability and authenticity instead of making those things seem bad or socially unacceptable.”

“The Unlost is the insightful reflections of an accountant who woke up from her professional drudgery and is exploring the fact that there is more to life than raising kids in Suburbia and working 40 hours a week for the Man.”

“A community of people trying to find WTF is going on in life!”

“The Unlost is a place to discover that things aren’t as bad as they seem. A place where someone else can give you a different perspective on your life for you.”

“A blog that’s more of a virtual support group for the 20-something crowd who want more out of life.”


“It’s a website that touches base with what’s important: being real and being you.”

“It’s extremely motivational and encouraging, but it’s not sappy to the point of being kitsch. It’s real when I need to think real, and it’s funny when I need a light moment. I look forward to it every Monday!”

“Amaze-balls! It is a blog about the issues that young adults think about and sometimes don’t think other people are thinking about. Especially when you have an older generation telling us that what we consider are problems don’t count.”

“The Unlost is a blog about being yourself and following your own path, but without all the cliches like the aforementioned two.”

“It’s a blog that touches on a lot of different aspect of life (sometimes specific, sometimes general, sometimes more individualistic and sometimes to a more broad audience) and tries to connect a sense of truth and fundamental realness into these things. It’s usually done in a funny (still real) way.”

“Hilarious site about how you can live a happy life without taking everything so serious.”

“A really great Blog that talks about topics that are informative and inspiring….”

“I would describe The Unlost as real, humorous, and light.”

“She totally gets us and talks about the same things you and I talk about.”

“It’s about finding and pursuing your passion in a realistic way in this modern world. It’s about facing fears, not following the herd, questioning and exploring, and finding an authentic path. With Therese as the guide, it is more of a community of like-minded people than a blog, and it is incredibly inspirational at a time when you are trying to “figure out” yourself and and your life path.”

“It is a funny, quirky blog/website that is all about finding out what you are made to do, helping you feel sane and not alone, and helping you not buy into all the bullshit that surrounds us.”

“it’s providing life advice in a funny, down-to-earth, unexpected, twentysomething way. And it’s pretty unconventionally written, which is cool.”

“A vibrant, funny, be-at-ease blog you’ll want to go there and spend time to learn about yourself through others. You’ll make the time even when you don’t think should.”

“It’s a super cool advice/personal development site for people in our age group with our problems!”

“It smacks you in the head with the harshness of reality.”

“That sometimes, a person likes me look out into the world and hopes to see someone similar. Most days I keep on looking, never see anything, turn away and go back to minding my own business. But sometimes, one day in a thousand days, I look and see someone I recognize, someone who, like me, is trying to get Unlost.”

“Fucking hilarious and something I can totally relate to, honest and real.”

“The Unlost is like having the wisdom of the ancients communicated in a way that specifically resonates with today’s twenty-somethings (and older!) . It’s also a great way to meet wonderful like-minded people and help you feel like you’re not alone and that life CAN make sense and be worthwhile.”

“If the Unlost were a piece of furniture, it would be a comfy sofa that holds your back in place and makes you sit up a little straighter (you notice it but when you get up and feel better, you don’t mind so much) and surprises you with it bold print. The Unlost provides solace–moments when you are thankful you aren’t the only one who thinks this way—but it also provides support—honest, direct advice and insight into the BS around you and how to live without it—and it entertains with its positivity, wit, and humor.”

# # #

  • Natalie

    Well i’m completely lost right now- so help me find my way :) Great blog!

    • therese

      Heart you!! You’ll get there, Nat… and the direction you find will come from YOU and not me or anyone else ;)

  • You are a very good writer. I just read your article on ‘Why Happiness will never come to you” and it was so good that I decided to subscribe to your site. Actually I’m an old guy spying on the youth of today. What the heck we only remember living once and I’m going to stay happy and in bliss on this trip. Happiness is a choice and if we get good at our choices we get good at being happy.

    I’m looking forward to many more blogs from you. And yes you are very cool.

    • therese

      Thanks, Lee! I’m so glad to have you here… you seem very cool yourself :-)

  • Ali

    Okay, I effing love this blog! I’m so glad I came across it today (frankly, I’m in dire need of inspiration).

    Also, nice flip-up sunglasses.

    • therese

      Hey, thanks Ali! I’m so glad you’re here… please feel free to say hello anytime! :-)

  • Shannon Hogan Cohen

    Cheers to your continued success and courage to make it happen…….impressive guest post on tiny buddha…….enjoy your witty and intuitive perspectives on life…..!!!

    As Lee stated above, looking forward to many more blogs from you ~

    • therese

      Thanks so much, Shannon :o)

  • Margaret

    I think you just became my un-official post-college life coach/inspiration that no matter how confusing it seems, everything will somehow be okay…

    Thanks for that :-)

    • therese

      Oh, confusion… it’s… well, confusing. But yes, everything is already falling into place whether you know it or not. Thanks, Margaret :)

  • Cute little project you have here. The concepts here are a bit vague in my opinion, but perhaps you’ll find more clarity as you develop yourself so that this won’t be the lost leading the lost. Check out my sites and let me know if you draw any inspiration from it.

    Cheers =)

    • therese

      Hey there,

      True; the concepts are a bit vague because I believe that everyone has to find their own answers– I don’t think there’s one universal “truth,” but that we all have to search within ourselves to find what’s true for us personally. I also think that allowing yourself to be lost is an integral part of finding your way :). So you’re right, everything is not really clear cut. Also, just to clarify– I’m not necessarily trying to “lead” the lost, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. Instead, I’m trying to help people lead themselves– to look within and to find the answers that are already in their own hearts.

      I checked out your site and it looks interesting, although mind control and social anxiety are not topics that I relate to specifically…

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  • Daisy

    Hey Therese, great to meet you yesterday in the land of google. Looking forward to staying connected!

    • Yes! Great meeting you as well, Daisy :)

  • well radiohead is in Seattle on April 9th, so if you’re a fan, you should probably stick around til then. I might drive down from Vancouver to go.

  • ‘like’

  • Erin McNaughton

    Hey Therese! It was great meeting you at WDS, and I have definitely been to your blog before and receive your posts to my neglected Google Reader. I love the concept…LOVE! If you ever want to chat, let feel free to contact me.

    Erin @analyfe.com

    • Hi Erin, ohh sorry I just saw your comment now! Great meeting you, too! Would love to talk more.

      <3 Therese :]

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  • The Original Unlost

    Hi. My name is Alejandro Tapia Morales. I came up with an email name of the theunlost1984@yahoo.com in 2004 and I am still using it till this day. I started another band and I want to use the The Unlost name for the band then I thought it would be wise to type in a search browser to see what comes up and I was lead here. I think this place is cool but now I am sad that I won’t be able to use the name after all. Therese Schwenkler, would you please email me. I would like to write with you about this and also congratulations on this blog.

    • sup

      why can’t you use the name? trademark check, llc, live your life. youre welcome

    • Hi Alejandro, you can still use The Unlost as your band name because our industries (blogging vs. music) are distinct from each other and don’t overlap in this case. (Although, fyi, I do believe there’s already a band out there called Unlost… something to check in on ;-)

  • Liz Flores

    Hey Therese! I stumbled on your blog through All Groan Up and I just want to say I love the transparency and honesty. I’m usually pretty straightforward and I love reading things that are in similar context. Really glad we’re already connected via Twitter. Love your work and I look forward to more reads!

    • Thanks Liz! Stay in touch! xx <3 <3

  • Really like this blog :)

  • Katrina La Force

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the excerpts from the book. When does it come out??

    • So great to hear, Katrina! Most likely I’ll be publishing it sometime this coming fall :).

  • Shaundi

    Therese, I love how the Universe bring like-minded people together. I LOVE your blog posts, especially the one about the college graduate, who did everything that was suggested to him to have a fulfilling & lucrative career but came up short during his early days as a college graduate in the professional world. As an academic counselor for a private university and a life strategist, who work with Millennials, I always advise my students & clients, that their college education alone is not enough to become an instant Rock Star in the Corporate world. Having that degree is indeed something no one can take away from us. The education journey is priceless, but I believe where young graduates may not be aware of, is they are competing with more seasoned professionals, who have years of experience in the workforce, and they too may also have a college education as well.

    I look forward to reading more of your work my friend!
    Shaundi Goins
    World Champion Life Strategist