Who in the Hell is Therese Schwenkler?


Therese Schwenkler

Hi there, you piece of awesome, you! Glad to e-meet you.

My name’s Therese Schwenkler, I’m 33 years old, and I’m the writer and creator of TheUnlost.com. (What is The Unlost?)


Why did I create this site?

I created this site because, quite frankly, most of the popular advice for today’s generation sucks (and also, is boring), and I wanted to change that. I offer what I believe to be better and truer answers to the questions we’re all asking about life and love and work.


Who am I?

I’m just a regular person, but people tend to not take me seriously unless I share some credentials (huh whattt? was it the glasses??). For all ye serious people, here are some reasons you can trust me:

  • I gave a TEDx Youth speech (@ElectricAvenue) in Los Angeles in November 2012. I’m also a published author (I contributed to Dan Schmidt’s book, Letters To Me).

I have a degree in psychology from Gonzaga University and a degree in accounting from Boise State University, but the best school I’ve attended is the School of Life. In the spring of 2012, I quit my ex-job as an accountant to travel around like a homeless crazy person and to focus on building The Unlost community.

Now I’m settled down in Portland, OR, working on my first book, The Crappiness to Happiness Handbook, and envisioning what the future of The Unlost might look like.


What do I like to do?

I like to draw wayyyyy outside the lines and think wayyy outside the box.

I also enjoy drinking lattes, reading psychology & marketing books (is this weird?), doing yoga, and playing outside in the sunshine.


If you’d like to email me, go for it! therese{at}theunlost{dot}com.

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