Being Awesome

so awesomeSo in all my years of living, I’ve realized one thing:

In order to be awesome, all you really have to do is… well, be exactly who you are.

Because you — amazing, wonderful, capable you — are more than enough, just as you are, which is why I firmly believe that, um, there’s nothing worse than self improvement. (Don’t believe me? Read my post about the sexy pirate story or the stupid stuff I did in college, and maybe you’ll catch my drift.)

Anyhow, aside from fully embracing your amazing self, the other stuff you need in order to be awesome are simply things like initiative, drive, creativity, passion, and a willingness to think wayyy outside the box.

Below I’ve listed a smattering of The Unlost’s most loved posts on unlocking the awesomesauce potential that already lies within you.

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