Fascinating Quiz Saves You From Uncertainty, Unveils Your “Final Date of Happiness” (98.7% Accurate)

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Are you tired of being unhappy? Do you cry yourself to sleep at night, drowning your sorrows in pitchers of PBR by day? Do you wish you could only know… WHEN you will FINALLY be happy?

Fear no more: based on years of research from world renowned happiness scientists and Haagen Dazs ice cream engineers, a life changing happiness quiz has been developed.

The Unlost Happiness Quiz

With 98.7% accuracy, it will tell you the exact date and time that you will FINALLY become happy for good—and what you will need in order to get there.

Bill F

“I feel like I’ve finally found the answers that I’ve been looking for my whole goddang life—and I found them through one simple quiz! It told me straight out what I need to do to be happy, and when it will happen. If you want to be 98.7% certain about life, you’d better take the Unlost Happiness Quiz.”

-Bill F. (Flickr image by Carbon NYC)

Marla M

“I told my friend that there was no way I would take a stupid quiz like this. But she told me that I HAVE to do it. ‘What do you have to lose?” she said. ‘It will only take 3 minutes of your time.’ I figured, heck, why not just see what happens. So I took the quiz, and I’ll be hell-bent, it changed my life. It’s such a relief to know when I’ll FINALLY be happy.”

-Marla M. (Flickr image by Shandi-Lee)

Happiness: if you haven’t found it yet, it’s probably because you haven’t taken The Unlost Happiness Quiz.

My personal guarantee:

“If it doesn’t work, I’ll give you 3 minutes of your life back, no questions asked.”

Click here to take The Unlost Happiness Quiz now


[In case you don’t get it: please note that Bill F. and Marla M. are not real people and the images above therefore do not depict the named individuals.]

[Main image Flickr credit: Alex E. Proimos]

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