The “OMG” Way to WAKE UP Your Life and Live Like the New Brand of Rockstar

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Girl Jumping

Does your life need a shot of espresso?

Maybe you just worked a ten-hour shift and made a grand total of $7 in tips. Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped you… via text message… on your birthday. Or maybe you aren’t quite sure why, but things just feel “blah” right now. Regardless of the reason, you’re feeling confused, kind of lonely, and far from energized.

INTRODUCING… a new way to inject your life with a sense of energy and purpose that you’ve never felt before.

How? By  joining a new group of rockstars that are circling the globe. No worries—you can leave your guitar at home, and you don’t have to wear your snakeskin pants (wait, you have snakeskin pants??), because THIS type of a rockstar has NOTHING to do with sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.


The new brand of rockstar is mysteriously popping up across the globe. It consists of a group of people who are just like you & I, and who are coming together to create mass influence and power for good.

But of course, these people aren’t actual rockstars, and neither are you. Why not? Because you can’t sing worth sh**. But regardless of your musical ability, you can become a member of “the new brand of rockstar,” and it’s guaranteed to give your life the wakeup call you’ve been craving.

What exactly is this group of people? Well, here’s what we are:

–  Mysterious. Just like Bret Michaels’ hair (why does he always wear that bandanna, and what’s up with those extensions?!!), the new brand of rockstar is mysterious. People see us and they THINK they know who we are, but they’re mostly wrong. Beneath the surface we are deep thinkers, knowledge seekers, undercover agents of change.

–  Larger than life. Rock stars are larger than life, and so are we. The only difference? Rock stars are just one person, and we are many. They seek fame & fortune, while we revel in the knowledge that we’re a part of something transformative.

– Revolutionary. Remember when Elvis came out and started shaking his hips? That was revolutionary for his day, and it changed the cultural norms. We’re revolutionary too, but we’re doing things that are far more important than just shaking our hips.

– Awesome. The final reason we are like rockstars is because we are awesome. I could’ve called us something like “a colony of ants” or “a migrating kaleidoscope of butterflies,” which might’ve been more accurate in some ways… but I didn’t. I called us rockstars, because those other things just don’t do justice to our awesomeness.


“Sounds cool… but I still don’t really get it. What does all this really mean?” you’re probably thinking.

Argh. This is a tough one to explain, but I’ll try my best.

OK, so here’s someone trying to find “inner peace:”


Flickr image credit: longtrekhome

Here’s someone trying to “change the world:”

tree hugger

Flickr image by shannonkringen

Here’s someone trying to “spread peace and love:”


Flickr image by db Photography

And here’s you:

sunglass girl

Flickr image by {Charlotte.Morrall}

Question: why are these things apparent oxymorons?

In other words, why do you have to be “kind of a weirdo” in order to be doing “transformative” things? Why isn’t it plausible to conjure up a picture of a young girl (or guy) in sunglasses when you think of someone who’s changing the world or finding inner peace? Why don’t our minds seem able to put the two things together: “mainstream person with cool sunglasses” + “knowledge seeker who’s changing the world”?

After all, aren’t you looking for something just as real and transformative as “inner peace”… aren’t you looking for connection, or for happiness, or for clarity, or for a world that’s not so f**ked up??? And don’t you have the feeling that you could change the world if only you knew how to get started?

I think that we’re all looking for these things, and I think that we all have this feeling.

And yet just because we’re kinda in the “mainstream”… just because we like to watch The Hangover and wear trendy clothes and just because we sometimes rock out to… it is automatically inferred that we are not changemakers, that we are not looking for something deeper, and that we are content exactly where we’re at.

Mainstream culture + a deeper truth are not compatible, say our assumptions. You can’t put these two things together, say our assumptions. “Mainstream truth” is an oxymoron… the two things are paradoxical… they are like oil & water… say our assumptions.

But maybe our assumptions are wrong.


Take me, for example. I’ve always had grand notions about “changing the world,” I’ve always felt like I was meant to “become something more,” and I’ve always wanted to connect with people & to change their lives for the better.

Yes, I have always wanted to do these things. But up until lately, this is all I’ve actually done: gotten drunk, went shopping, read US Magazine, had a mojito.

It’s not that I was superficial or that I didn’t have good intentions. It’s just that I had no idea where to start. I looked around at the groups who seemed to be looking for something more from life, and I didn’t feel like I really fit in with any of them.

I began to wonder: do we have to sit in the lotus position and chant “om” in order to find a sense of peace within ourselves? Do we have to volunteer in Africa or become “churchy” in order to find grace, and do we have to sell all our possessions and serve the poor in order to become good people? Do we have to grow organic gardens in our backyards and compost our garbage in order to become changemakers?

These are all admirable things to do, but what if they just aren’t our cup of tea?

Where the f*** were the people just like me who were looking for the same sort of things? Where were the young, the imperfect, the “normal?”  Was everyone else like me satisfied with this life? Was I the only one who felt this way??

This is what I wondered time and time again until I thought I might be going crazy… until I finally found myself here, confessing my truest thoughts to the world.


So what about you?

What if you want nothing more than to find your way, to feel deeply connected, to figure things out…

but you don’t really want to hug a tree or give up your car or meditate on a mat?

What if you’re looking for better advice than you’ll find in Cosmo, and what if you’re sick of spending every weekend partying…  but what if you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere else?

… then where do you go? Where the f*** do you fit in??


It’s a catch 22— you’re either stuck in the mainstream, sucked into a barrage of superficiality and  running on the never-ending hamster wheel of delusion— or you’re alone, trying to find your way without knowing where to start or to whom you can turn.

Until now, that is.

Until now, because…

No longer is the mainstream incompatible with that which is refreshingly REAL.

No longer are you alone in your search for a life that’s authentic &  infinitely more satisfying.

And no longer must you become a “weirdo” in order to figure sh** out.

Welcome to the new mainstream America. We are the new brand of rockstar. We are The Unlost, and we’re finding our way.


Flickr image by Simon Peckham

Here’s what we know: we know that we don’t have to become someone who we’re not in order to make a difference. We can stand right where we are, in the midst of our celebrity-obsessed, image-conscious, MTV culture— and we can ask our own questions, observe our own realities, and find our own truths. Little by little—  perhaps almost imperceptibly—  right in the midst of where we find ourselves, we can become more of who we really are and we can change what’s typical.

It starts small, it starts right where we’re at, and it starts within each one of us.


If this sounds like your kind of thing, then today I’m inviting you to become a part of the rockstar revolution. And to help you kickstart your new status as an undercover rockstar, I’ve got some presents for you… they’re called “Mystery Gifts.”

Mystery Gifts are little messages— they’re sort of like fortunes (but without a cookie).

follow your heart

They tell people exactly what they need to know at exactly the right time.

you arent in this alone

And people find them…

there are no coincidences

by complete chance.

YOU can be one of the first to plant them in places where unsuspecting strangers will find them.

I’ll give you a PDF file containing 20 (yes, twenty!) “Mystery Gift” messages, and all you have to do is print them out, cut them out, and then use your imagination from there.

You could roll them up and tie them with a little bow. You could attach them to a lollipop. You could fold them in half.

You could leave one on someone’s car window. You could wrap one in a dollar bill and drop it in the tip jar at Starbucks. You could leave one in a book at the library or a magazine in the waiting room.

Who will find your Mystery Gifts, and how will they change peoples’ lives for the better, allowing them to access the flash of insight, or the sense of comfort,  or the hint of truth that they’ve been searching for?

And if you’re really digging some of the Mystery Gifts yourself… well, then go ahead and be selfish. You can keep a few and hang them on your bathroom mirror if you want to. Heck, you can do whatever you want with them. The point is, they’re really cool and pretty (thanks to my new friend, Kath, at workisnotajob for the awesome design work!).

And guess what? They’re totally free!  OMG—I could ROFL, I’m so dang happy! (JK LOL!!!)

So are you in? If so, just enter your e-mail address below (It’s 100% spam free guaranteed) to join the rockstar nation and to get your free Mystery Gifts. Once you sign up, I’ll e-mail you a link to instantly download your free 5 page PDF file with 20 Mystery Gifts included. Oh, and you’ll also get free e-mail updates from me each week , which I think you’ll really like (if you don’t, then you can unsubscribe to my e-mails at any time).

Just enter your name and e-mail address below to receive your free Mystery Gifts:

* indicates required

Until next week,



[Main image Flickr credit: Simon Peckham]

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  • Tracey

    Really enjoyed this articel today. Seems like it is really hard to make a difference in our world when in reality all it takes sometimes is a kind word or even a smile to someone around you.

    • therese

      Thx Trace. You’re right… sometimes the small things can make all the difference.

  • liz

    was dumped by my boyfriend of five years… via text message… on my birthday… True story. And so your introduction to this article was all too real! have loved everything about your website!

    • therese

      How crazy, Liz! And sucky, too… so sorry to hear that. Thanks for the love! <3

  • I need to find a better way to remember to leave these places, but on the plus side, I printed out a second set and hung them all over my apartment. It’s really fun “finding” them throughout the day, and they always make me smile.

    • therese

      Good idea, Sarah! They’re super cute so why not just put them up around the house, too… I carry a bunch in my purse to remember to leave them places. It’s kind of fun… but then again, I’m a nerd like that.

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