There is Not One Right Answer; There is Not One Right Way (A Poem For Finding Your Path)

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There is not one right answer. There is not one right way. There are endless ways to get from here to LA.

You could sail on a boat. You could fly on a plane. You could go through Honolulu or Boston or Maine.

You could walk a straight line or walk in a maze. It could take you minutes or hours or days.

You can fret day after day and obsess night after night. You can ask for all the opinions you like.

“This is all so exhausting; it’s bad news,” you say. “I just want to know the right way to LA!”

But no matter the seeking, and no matter the strife, the frightening truth remains tight:

Only you can decide which path is right.

There is not one right answer. There is not one right way. There are endless ways to get from here to LA.

* * *

And so you set sail, and you set a grand plan: You’ll take a yacht to LA with your BFF, Dan.

You’re oh-so excited; you’re ready to go, when a familiar feeling begins to grow.

The feeling starts in your fingers and it spreads to your toes. Before you know it it’s all the way up to your throat.

“Omg, you’ve blown it — you’ve really done it this time! You’re on the wrong path; you’re way out of line!

You fool! You might even drown! You’ll disappear in the ocean, not to be found!”

And just as you begin to fear that you chose the wrong way,

You see the light — it all becomes clear as the day!

The options are freeing! This is oh such good news!

No matter which route you take, you just cannot lose!

Some roads are bumpy; some are more smooth — on some roads you’ll stall, and on others you’ll cruise.

Some are shorter, some longer, on some roads you’ll roam

But no matter the path, they’ll each lead you home.

No need to fear — just do the best you can. Be sure to study all the maps and make your best plans.

Learn to get silent and to hear your own voice; remember the path you take is forever your choice.

And then once you get going, don’t you dare take a look back: Just keep living, keep learning, and keep adjusting your path.

And when you make a “mistake” or you take a wrong turn, remember the good news that you’ve learned:

There is not one right answer! There is not one right way! There are endless ways to get from here to LA!

# # #

 [Image by hockadilly]

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  • Wow. Super creative way to spread this message. Love it.

    This is also a lesson I continue to learn with time. You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself. There is no ONE way to do this. If something’s not working or you don’t enjoy it – you can stop.

    Always nice to have a reminder :)

    • Totally true. Thanks, Kevin!

  • Therese, well said ;) Some Zen master once said, “The way is the path.” Like, once we decide on a way, that is the path to take. Just go there, and it is right, or wrong, it is just the path. A non-judgment, watching it all unfold type of thing.


  • “Learn to get silent and to hear your own voice” <— I loved the poem! This is my first time on your blog and I'm about to go explore it. But I wanted to say that line was my favorite part of the poem. Sometimes, the answer as to what our next move should be, comes when we're letting ourselves simply be still.

    – Lauren :)

    • Concurred wholeheartedly, Lauren. And glad to have you stop by the blog! <3

  • Winifred Reilly

    I just found your blog by looking at the link you sent Glen about your HuffPo guest post. Congratulations!

    I had already read it and liked it since I’m often there checking out all things marriage and relationship related.

    Poking around your site I especially enjoyed your long-ago piece about Cosmo.
    I loved your indictment of those idiotic articles. A few months back I wrote a piece about marriage myths on my blog after reading some nonsense (on HuffPo) about how couples can melt into oneness.

    I’ll look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    • Haha… thanks, Winifred! I’ll be checking out your stuff as well — looks like we are on the same wavelength! ;)

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