This Life Is.

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All of life, it seems,

is a process:

A process of un-learning and re-learning,

forgetting and remembering,

slumbering and waking up,


and again,

and again.

It’s gorging my face with Twinkies and Krispy Kremes, milk shakes and cookies and scones, before I re-member– once again– how damn good it feels to eat carrots and spinach and kale (yes, Mom, I said it!); it’s enduring the pounding pain of the hangover that reminds me why I left a life of wayyyy too much partying behind.

It’s falling back into a pattern that’s not right for me or a person who’s not right for me until I wake up from my snooze to remember (for the 4,378th time) Who it is I Really Am and What it is I Really Need.

It’s feeling the pain of the death of a friend re-punch me in the gut before I remember how grateful I am for life, for love, for these simple sips of air.

It is coming back to My Self, waking up to This Life, time and time and time again.

Because getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.

– Sarah Kay, “Point B”

These, my friend– these are the lessons I’ve learned

(and forgotten)

and learned

(and forgotten)


and over


This life ain’t no straight line; it’s a swirly, messy, ugly-beautiful scribble.

This life is two steps forward, one step back.

This life is peak and valley,

ebb and flow.

This life is…

this life is.

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  • M Sonnier

    Beautiful. I needed this today. :-)

    <3 Madison

  • Cindy

    Yes, I am learning and relearning this is not a smooth journey, but I’d rather explore the bumps in the road. I am reminded that what we all have is the present, and that we can be our best at improvising success whenever we can grasp it in the moment!

  • Chuck

    Relearning and learning and relearning.

    1. It is about Faith, Family and Friends.
    2. Never be too old to learn from someone else of any age.
    3. The one who learns to ask the right question guides the conversation
    4. Every generation has value and has something to add to my life.
    5. It is about Faith, Family and Friends

    • Yes. Thanks for sharing, Chuck. Happy 2013!

  • Gaye Pauroso

    I have already lost both of my parents, one suddenly after a heart attack and one after a long and horrible illness. I am now watching as three of my friends are doing their best to take care of elderly parents who are nearing their end, and I am remembering that sometimes life is hard. There is just no getting around it. Sometimes you just have to do the best you can and struggle through. There are no easy answers. But we are all stronger than we know. We endure. There is great power in that. Life is always in flow and I am relearning that sometimes it’s best to just go with it.

    • Sending you strength and love, Gaye. Thanks for sharing with us <3

  • today I needed to read this. Every current frustration was rattling my head and soul. then I read this and took a deep breath.. time to turn this day around and the new year. thank you.

  • Fantastic message. And it is a great reminder that we need not hit rock bottom or get punched in the gut before we correct course. We can read an excellent post like this one and run simulations in our mind, then say, “oh yeah, that’s right.”

    • Sometimes our reminders are gentle and sometimes not-so-gentle. Happy New Year, CJ!

  • Liz

    I’ve been thinking along these lines as I reinvent myself the same once again.

    • “Reinvent myself the same.” I like this! <3 <3 to you, Liz!

  • Ssaphron

    This life is…hiking in the snowy mountains, giving thanks for solitude and appreciating how the wind blows the snow; causing it to shine brilliantly like sparkly, white dust

  • Your last line says it all: This life is. What we do with it and, most importantly, how we choose to perceive it all, is up to us. Whether we deem parts of the journey as good or bad or anything else is our choice. Life simply is. Life life’s along while we choose peace or stress or harmful habits. Thanks for stripping out the drama so we can be reminded of the simplicity.

  • Kat

    from all the aches and hurts and smiles from my past, i’ve learned that:

    life is not really what happens to us; it’s how we take it.

    my life shouldn’t be defined by other people’s negativities.

    when bad things happen, look up to One Above. even if it hurts so bad, keep the faith.

    there’s no use crying over spilled milk. very simple (yes, cliche) yet i still find it so hard. still learning.

    thanks therese for this post. inspiring. contemplating. :)

    • Thanks Kat :). Maybe there’s no use crying over spilled milk, but if we are… then we are. Maybe we can be gentle with ourselves, crying or no crying?

  • Katharine Louw

    I’ve learned (or re-learned) that the simple things in life are the best. The smile from a stranger on the street, the glorious, joyful laughter from a baby/toddler, honeysuckle scent on the breeze, smell of freshly cut grass, sun on your face on the beach, dogs and throwing balls, kisses, cuddles and snoozes on your day off. Life gets complicated…if we let it. Let go (that is hard coming from a control freak like myself), go with the flow. Practice yoga, unwind and a express gratitude. Life is precious – it really can end in a matter of seconds. Appreciate you family and friends. Love yourself! xx

    • Yes! Same lessons I’m learning! (What a coincidence?!) :-S

  • Well said, Therese! “A process of un-learning and re-learning…” = so true. It’s amazing how life events can slip us right back into the kind of thinking and behaving we did before we learned from them. I’m constantly having to remind myself and re-learn what I’ve already learned many times throughout my life. Each time, though, it happens faster. Some of that learning is sinking in – finally! I wish you grand adventures in 2013. Thank you for your courage to make this Unlost movement happen. You’re a rockin’ inspiration!

    • Agreed– it seems to happen a bit easier for me each time too. YOU are a rockin inspiration, lady! Let’s DO this 2013 thang!

  • Why, why, why do we keep forGETTING???? I feel like I’m “there” on certain occasions, then a month later life has swept me back up in the mad rush of do-do-do, instead of be-be-be. A process, most definitely: life is managed, not cured. I remind myself of this often when I am dealing with stress and chronic pain.

    • Yep. “That’s life,” is the only answer I have to that question… and, well, life is.

  • L’Tanya

    The boundary lines I draw in the sand keep getting thinner and thinner. Finally I wake up when I realize again that I’m taking too much crap. And I thicken the line again.

    • The re-learning that is life (:

  • “Swirly, messy, ugly-beautiful scribble.” Love it… so true. There are days where I feel so centered, so at peace and so connected with everything and everyone… and days where it feels like a struggle to just remember my name, not to mention any of the important lessons I’ve learned. But usually I realize that just to be alive is incredible – even on the crappiest of days – so I’ll take the bumps, bends, heard-learned and re-learned lessons (*sigh*)… and the incredible, exhilarating surprises along the path. Life’s an adventure, to say the least! <3

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