A Valentine for You

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Hey, lovely, beautiful, amazing you (yes, YOU!).

Guess what? I made a Valentine just for you– click on it to see a bigger image. (Below.)

And if you remember one thing this Valentine’s Day, remember this: You are IT. You are worthy, valuable, loved and lovable.

The party wouldn’t be complete without you– so thanks for joining. I’m glad you’re around :-).

Unlost Valentine

Know someone who could use a little love in their lives today? Share this Valentine with them!



More good reads for Valentine’s Day:

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 [Image by Bob.Fornal


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  • Jess

    Therese, I love you! I love last year’s Valentine’s Day article too! Not least of all, while reading these I am loving me! :-)

    • Good! That’s the hope, Jess! <3

  • I have a healthy disdain for Valentine’s drivel, but the Walcott I like. Thanks Therese!

  • Thank you very much Therese for the Valentine’s gift! AAAhhh it’s funny, today everythig is made of chocolate! :D

  • Hey, I recognize this one;) One of my all-time faves.

    • Yes! I was going to write to you to thank you for sharing this one with me. I love it! Happy <3 day Bri!

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