Why I’m Still Single (Rewriting the Great Love Stories of Our Time)

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Last week I was working away in my cubicle chilling by the pool when all of the sudden I realized, HOLY SHEET! IT’S MY ONE YEAR SINGLE-VERSARY!

I promptly ran to the neighbor’s yard, picked some flowers, and left them on the doorstep for my sure-to-be-delighted self to find. “LOVE YOU, BABY!” I scrawled in red pen, sealing my accompanying note with a kiss.

Later that day, as any girl in love would do, I posted the bouquet up on my Facebook wall for all to see. (My favorite comment: “Yeah! You know just what you like!” Hahaha!)

Yep, it’s true, guys– I’ve been single for a year now.


Lots of reasons, but that’s not really what I’m here to talk about today. I’m not here to talk about what’s missing in my life, because I don’t really feel like anything is. Instead, I’m here to talk about what it is I’ve found.

Despite a year of being “on my own,” this is the year that I’ve found Love.

In fact, I’ve found True Love, a love realer and deeper than any other. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I’ve found True Happiness— not the happiness that comes as a result of external circumstances, but the happiness and wholeness that comes from learning to love what is.

It’s been a year of learning to love myself— the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It’s been a year of learning to love the  joy and the pain and the heartbreak alike, and of allowing them to open me up to something so much greater.

Yes, this has been the year that I have learned to love this life, right here, right now.

This, I think, is the ultimate love story.

* * *

Weird thing is, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a movie like this.

Have you?

A movie where a girl learns to fall in love with herself?

With life?

And with all the rich and deep relationships that are surrounding her, just waiting to be discovered?

Where she opens to heartbreak and allows it to transform rather than destroy her?

Where she turns down the “perfect man,” quits her job to travel the country, and writes a blog? (Haha, JUST KIDDING!)

But really, where is that movie? 

Today I want to change the stories our society tells about love and relationships, about singleness and about heartbreak. I want to change them from stories of girl-meets-boy-and-her-life-is-finally-complete-and-they-live-happily-ever-after-in-a-castle to stories that are perhaps a bit truer.

Today, with the help of five wise and amazing women– some married, some attached, and some single– who’ve been kind enough to share their wisdom on love, singleness, and relationship, we are rewriting the great love stories of our time.

THESE are the stories I hope we will tell our children one day– stories of self and of strength and– yes, of learning to love others, as well. When we’re experiencing heartbreak or feeling alone, when we need reminders about what it means to find love or happiness or completion, these are the stories I hope we can tell ourselves.

* * *


Stephanie is super. Stephanie is inspiring. So it only makes sense that Stephanie is also a super inspiring writer. After facing foreclosure in 2008, she wrote a book, Love in the Time of Foreclosure, in order to help others in similar situations.

“I am someone who is utterly determined to create opportunities out of difficult situations. Just as in the midst of our marital problems I was able to see the opportunity of creating the marriage of our dreams, our financial ruin was the opportunity to create the life of our dreams… Losing everything, we felt, could actually be a wonderful opportunity to create an amazing life.”

And an amazing journey it’s been– from selling 90% of their possessions to living on the San Juan islands to starting a family, Stephanie and her husband Bob have been on a journey of living and of loving ever since.

But before all this began– before she’d even met her husband, Stephanie was a single and heartbroken twenty-four year old, when her stepmom, Silvia, gave her a piece of advice that would forever change her life.


ME: It hurts so much. It’s so unfair. (blubber blubber, sniff sniff) I don’t know how I’ll ever be happy again…

SILVIA: The thing is, you alone are responsible for your own happiness.

ME: But, you don’t understaaaaaaaaand–

SILVIA: You alone are responsible for your own happiness. Not a guy. Not a relationship. Not your mom. Not your dad. Not your job. Not your circumstances. You.



ME: But–


ME: Okay.

And it hit me. Not right away. But soon after that conversation I realized she was right. If I was responsible for my own happiness, then I could just be happy. Now.

I didn’t have to wait for anything to happen. I didn’t have to wait for the pain to go away. I didn’t have to wait for his new relationship to crash and burn in order to show him how amazing I was compared to her and how wrong he was for dumping me. No. In fact, I could just be happy.

More than that. It was my JOB to be happy. No one else’s. MY job.

But how do you just be happy? You begin by getting that outside circumstances have absolutely nothing to do with your happiness. Then you start doing things that happy people do. At least that’s what I did. I engaged in my life. As a single woman. I empowered myself. I determined to kick ass as a smart and single twenty-four year old. I signed up for a 500-mile bike ride for charity. And then I began training for that ride. Raising money and riding my bike all over Chicagoland for a cause far bigger than myself. This ride was the AIDS ride and raised money for people living with AIDS. Doing that made all the difference.

I was up to something and loving life. I realized that had I still been in that relationship, I probably never would have done this ride. It was such a fulfilling experience. And it completely had me get how powerful those words “You alone are responsible for your own happiness” really are.

The best part of the story comes now.

I met my husband training for that ride.

Our first date was the ride itself. 500 miles over six days from Minneapolis to Chicago. We fell in love in bike shorts and helmets, pedaling up steep hills, in wind and rain, through knee pain and sore butts… [click on over to Steph’s blog to read the full post!]

* * *

JUSTYNA CZEKAJ [Expat at Home]

I met Justyna on Twitter (is that weird?!), and I’m so glad I did. Justyna is a competent, beautiful, and most intelligent woman who will change the world (ahem, already is changing the world!), and I cannot wait to hang with her in NYC. Check out her bloggy blog, Expat at Home— well worth reading.

After a recent breakup, Justyna’s friends offered her advice on re-entering the dating world– advice like “Give sexting a chance,” “There’s this look you can give a guy to show you want him!” “Dye your hair!” and “Don’t talk politics.”

It turned out that their advice– well, their advice kinda sucked.


… After sprucing up the outside, I realized the inside was still a total mess. Retail therapy and facials were only going to cloud a problem that wanted to shine brighter.

When living in New York, we blame the City for somehow corrupting all of these men and turning them into monkeys in suits.  We complain about their growing egos, fueled by their high-powered careers and the fact that so many other women are ready, willing and able in every sense of the words.  So how could the girl that wants a stable relationship ever have a chance? This City has, in fact, little to do with the quality of the men.  Our issues with men instead come from the advice that women give each other!

We’ve been raised thinking that a makeover is going to save our soul and we’ll get the guy of our dreams to finally like us (Thank you every movie of the late 90s). But the fact of the matter is that we give superficial advice while blaming men for their superficiality.

We complain about how fake guys can be as we plop on makeup, glue on eyelashes, buy jelly cutlets to enhance our boobs (damnit, where did I put my pair?) and rouge our lips all to create a reality that may be… well, fake. We see our exteriors as important, if not more so than our interiors, and we conform to someone else’s vision of beauty as we speak about empowerment and the new age of WOMAN.

But in terms of dating advice, I would like to tell my friends and admit that “WE DON’T KNOW SHIT!” My longest relationship started with a 3-hour conversation on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Blonde highlights ARE NOT my color, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE SEXTING, and you don’t have to fake a look for him to know you’re interested. Just be your gorgeous, incredible, spirited, intelligent, and worthy self.

And in order to be yourself, you must first learn to love yourself unconditionally, because if you don’t, no one else truly will. And if you don’t learn to love yourself, the most precious thing on the planet, how can you know what is means to truly love another?

Loving yourself is so much more than just declaring the words ‘I love me’ when you look in the mirror. It involves some words that can be pretty scary, such as defiance, risk, and discipline.

Defiance is needed so you can disregard the unhealthy, toxic advice, norms and standards of society and finally accept that who you truly are is the new norm and standard for you. It takes defiance to disregard negative whispers that come into your mind and into your life and understand that the best advice comes from the person who knows you best, you!

Risk is essential because some people may not understand or like that you are embracing all of your quirky, dorky, silly traits, while becoming proud of who you are. Risk also because when you start to love yourself you often realize that people around you don’t appreciate your beauty as they should and many times, these people have to be shown the door.

Discipline is also important so you can do the things you need to every day so you can start living the meaningful and satisfying life that was meant for you.

And when you become satisfied, if not fulfilled, by your life and what you do, only then can you be fully satisfied with someone standing next to you.

[click on over to Justyna’s blog, Expat at Home, to read the full post!]

* * *

HANNAH LOARING [Further Bound]

Hannah is one of the most determined, insightful, and kind-hearted women I’ve never met (at least, we’ve never met in real life. Yet ;-).  She paid off $24K of debt in 9 months and has since been fervently saving money in preparation to embark on an indefinite round the world trip come September (oh, and she’s taking her wonderful Scotsman boyfriend with her!). Today Hannah shares the story of how it was heartbreak that paved the way for her new self and her new life to unfold.


When I was 18 years old, I met a man and fell deeply in love with him. Maybe even a little too deeply, as I lost myself completely in the murky depths of our relationship. Somehow I gave myself up to the role of being a girlfriend, and let go of who I was beyond that. It was wonderful for a while, and then it was just comfortable – a habit neither one of us seemed capable of breaking. Then after nearly a decade together, another woman came along, and it finally broke.

And I broke with it.

I had been so wrapped up in my relationship that I no longer knew who I was outside of it. The pieces of myself that lay in tatters across the floor where unrecognisable to me, and I had no idea how to put myself back together again. I had to start from scratch.

Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

I booked a flight to Costa Rica, and spent six of the most incredible weeks imaginable getting to know myself again. It was a trip that changed my life…

… Five years on, I have the clarity and awareness to see [heartbreak] for what it truly was. A gift.

It has shaped and determined the life that I am currently living, and set me on course for a future full of adventure and ever changing landscapes.

It wasn’t easy for me to let love back into my life, believe me. But now I have learnt to give and receive it on an infinitely deeper level, and am grateful for the destruction that brought me this peace.

I am happier than I ever dreamed possible.

Love is a journey that you map out for yourself; you have to learn to use your heartache to help build a new path. The cold, hard rock of pain that presses against your heart– find a way to reach inside yourself and pull it out. Use that rock to… [click on over to Hannah’s blog, Further Bound, to read the full post!]

* * *

KRISTALINA [Own Awesome]

Kristalina is one of my dearest real-life friends, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel the globe with her, from London to Ibiza to Amsterdam. She is probably– no, certainly, one of the most genuine, giving, and super fun people I’ve ever met. (Also, fun fact: Kristalina lives on The Isle of Mann in the UK. How does this happen?!) When she’s not busy being adorkable, you can find her encouraging people to “own their awesomeness” at her blog, Own Awesome!


I like to say I was single for 26 years of my life… No seriously! Sleepless nights wondering WTF was wrong with me? I had plenty of guys around me (I was a real guys gal but in a completely girly way). I always made sure I looked the part (hair, makeup, heels etc.), had a rockin’ job & an outgoing personality.

When Dustin and I first started dating things were complicated…

Here I was, a grown ass woman, feeling so scared! I had this amazing, handsome, kind and successful man who was completely smitten with me. I wanted to be someone’s one in a million and here he was, ready to embrace that notion & so much more.

I took a step back and had a moment with myself. I needed to remind myself of why he was so into me! I worked on learning who I was… I was a badass mamajama. I was kind, generous, funny, smart and totally worthy (<- did you catch that… Worthy, and so are you). I reminded myself that I knew exactly who I was and what made me happy… [click on over to Kristalina’s blog, Own Awesome, to read the full post!]

* * *

ALETHEIA SCHMIDT [According to Aletheia]

Aletheia is a beautiful, courageous, spirit-filled woman. She’s a lover of life and of God and of art. I don’t practice a specific faith, and yet I’m consistently inspired and comforted by the beautiful words of wisdom and truth (and the beautiful art!) that she shares on her blog. I think you will be, too.


The purpose of life isn’t marriage and sometimes I really think that we– that I– have believed that.

And yet… all ecstasies and intimacies, all desires and unmet longings, every hole and disappointment will be met in God, by God. And even though I still do hope that one day someone will commit as much as himself to me for as long as he breathes on this earth, I long for this day even more.




Us, together.


Igniting passion,

Loops and swirls

The unexpected.

What’s next?

And even in the moments or hours or seasons or years, when I feel alone,

when I am alone–

whether alone never felt so good–

or alone never hurt so much–

You’re here.



Us, together.


"Us Together"

Painting is entitled, “Us,” and was Aletheia's second ever, created in October of 2010.


[Click on over to Aletheia’s blog, According to Aletheia, to read the full post!]

# # #

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[Image by Helga Weber]

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  • Great post and idea.. we definitely need to rewrite the typical love story…

    It’s a funny thing how heartbreak leads to some of the biggest “aha” moments in our life. I remember having my heart broken when the girl of my dreams and I decided to break up after 3 1/2 years of being together through college and getting too comfortable with each other.

    I had a bottle of liquor in one hand and my iPod in the other, with Tony Robbins’ course “Awaken the Giant Within”.

    It was one of the hardest times I ever went through, but choosing to listen to that program instead of drown my sorrows has changed my life for the better. I am so grateful to have been through a relationship like that and now I have a new outlook on life.

    Now if only Hollywood made real stories about love and redefining yourself…

    • Love your story, Chris. Maybe I’ll have to have you write a “man” post on this same topic– this post was very much “women-biased,” but as David notes above, the message definitely applies to us all.

      • it’s definitely been a fun ride. Maybe David and I can contribute to a man’s side for a future post. I’ve got a pretty interesting view on relationships though so it may not resonate with a majority of people. :-p

        I’m building up a multimedia company with a business partner so maybe we’ll be able to film some true love stories through the company! I’d love to have you participate in one of the movies… maybe even a documentary?

        • Sounds cool! What kind of multimedia company? Lemme know some more and maybe we can go from there. You know my email ;-)

  • Love this post! It’s really MOST important that you fall in love with yourself if you truly want to be happy.

    • Thanks Alexis. YES it is! Very much looking forward to meeting you at WDS.

    • Aletheia

      Ah yes! Couldn’t agree more!

  • Thank you so much for including me in this post Tree! I feel so honored to be standing next to all of the amazing women in this post. <3 K

    • Thanks for your contribution, lady-chick <3

  • THIS:

    “You alone are responsible for your own happiness. Not a guy. Not a relationship. Not your mom. Not your dad. Not your job. Not your circumstances. You.”

    I’ve been married less than a year and I ABSOLUTELY have needed to keep this in mind…!

    • YES, Steph’s post is so great, isn’t it?

  • This is one of the main reasons why I love your blog so much. You constantly remind people that they’re enough just the way they are and that relationships, possessions, job titles, etc. don’t complete you or define your worth.

    I literally forget this on a daily basis. One of my biggest issues is and has always been my tendency to tell myself I’m not good enough and that I need people and things to validate me before I become an important part of society. I almost feel like no matter how many articles I read that tell me how important I am, I’ll never quite feel important enough. But I’m working on it.

    I’m actually 20 years old and I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve been in several “almost relationships”, but none of them ever turned into anything official. This post makes me feel like maybe that’s okay. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with that.

    So thanks for reminding me of that yet again. I almost cried while reading this. :’)

    <3 Madison

    • Hi Madi,

      I love your honesty.

      And to be honest myself, I think *most* of us forget this on a daily basis. I, too, need daily– and perhaps momentary– reminders of truth, of what’s most important and of who I am deep down. We’re all working on it, and this is the work of our lives. I don’t think it’s ever “done” (although I DO think it often gets easier with time), and that’s ok.

      OF COURSE it’s ok to never have been in a relationship. I actually know quite a few smart, beautiful girls, all of them older than you, who have never been in a relationship either. I can’t imagine it isn’t hard, or that you’re never lonely, but as far as it being absolutely ok and as far as you being UNIMAGINABLY important and worthy?

      Nothing could be truer.

  • This reminds me so much of the advice my Mom gives me all the time. The thing I realized that anything and anyone that is making you happy can be lost. But you can’t loose yourself – as long as you make yourself happy you are set!

    • You gotta smart momma, Liz!

  • I really hope to celebrate one year single-versary in 2013! I enjoy being single so much I’m actually afraid of accidentally finding THE guy. for the first time in my life I don’t care if the guy who would meet my criteria doesn’t exist.

    • Haha. I sort of feel the same way. I wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to actually be kinda afraid of “accidentally finding the right guy,” hahaha!

  • Although your blog is geared more towards women, the message here is universal. A pity that it’s a message hidden all too often by other things like adverts for watches, expensive jewelry, cars, and so on. I enjoy your blog, you’ve done so well to build it so quickly,


    • Hey David,

      Yes, this message is universal. I thought about trying to make the post more gender neutral but failed. Maybe I should do one specifically geared toward men, too?!

  • It’s excellent to hear the viewpoint on love from so many beautiful ladies. Excellent to get the female perspective. Thanks for all the awesome articles! :)

    Therese, again, each post I am thoroughly convinced that you gotta take this to the streets.

    By streets, of course, I mean schools. :) They would be lucky to have you as a speaker.

    • Haha, I was like, “Streets? What do you mean?”

      Concur! I’m down to take it to the schools!

      • Oh snap..what if I didn’t mention schools? I could have left it ambiguous! Then it could’ve meant anything!!

  • A very interesting article. Obviously the pressure that men and women feel in being single is very different as society has a different expectation for each. That being said, there are some things here that I believe apply to both male and females. It really resonated with me when Justyna Czekaj said/wrote “Just be your gorgeous, incredible, spirited, intelligent, and worthy self”.

    I think this is insanely important but can be hard at times. I know as a fact that some women will like me and some won’t. It is just a simple reality. But when I am in the moment and I have feelings and she doesn’t it never feels good. It can be difficult to not take this personal. But it can be done.

    My theory on it, is that it gets easier with practice, at least it has for me… Every time it doesn’t quite work out it has gotten a little bit easier for me. I think this is because I am learning how to have resonable expectations.

    An interesting post, I want to forward it to a few friends… But I am a little bit concerned they might misunderstand the purpose… I guess I will find out :)

    • “There are some things here that I believe apply to both male and females.”

      Agreed… and noted. I need to get better at not alienating my wonderful male readers, I think, because I have a lot of them, and I do think we’re all dealing with the same underlying thoughts/feelings/insecurities.

      “It can be difficult to not take this personal. But it can be done.”

      It IS easier said than done! And sometimes you can’t help but feel a little (or a lot) hurt or rejected. That’s ok, too. In fact, it’s probably normal.

      • I don’t think you alienate your male readers :) . I think if you attempted to write from the perspective of a male it would probably run you into some trouble… Since all of the evidence thus far seems to strongly support that you are not in fact a male…

        But hey, maybe I am wrong. Maybe, you could write a fantastic article from a male perspective… I say go for it…

        not really :)

  • I’m so thrilled and honoured to be included in this post Therese! Thank you so much for asking me to take part, and featuring my words amongst those of such incredible and inspiring women. You rock chica xxx

  • SO great! Thanks everyone for reading and thanks Therese, well, for a lot, but today, and yesterday, for being awesome… :)

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  • Brilliant, as usual, Therese! When I was 20 years old and sniffling over my breakup with a boyfriend, I told some random lady about it at church and she said, “Dear, you shouldn’t get married until you’re 35. And you shouldn’t date until you’re 30.” Of course, I probably gave her the great-I’m-talking-to-a-crazy-lady face in response so she said, “It takes most people that long to know and love themselves. You have to do that first.” That was the last thing I wanted to hear from her. I wanted an awww and reassurance that the right guy would come along right away and that’d be that. Know myself? At 20, I was sure I knew myself! 9 years later, I’ll tell ya, I didn’t know myself TWO years ago. It has taken me until this year to feel like I’ve got it now.

    This topic could be a book itself. Thanks for this post and for ntroducing us to other awesome writers and wise souls.


    • I like that story, Jody :]

      (And I like YOU, but then again you already knew that!)

  • Ah I love this post (actually I love all the posts on here, I’m such a fangirl!) – the first part made me grin at how sensible it was, and I think Further Bound may be written by the version of me I actually want to become… thanks for this! :)

    • Awww yay! Thanks Elise– and don’t thank me; thank all the wonderful ladies who contributed! They are amaze! :)

  • A Guest

    I had a relationship when I was 21. I was happy with him for 7 years. I thought I could make “us” happy. I forgot to think of “him” to focus on “us” and I changed the world… I thought it was for him, but it was for us, and it led us both to derail apart. And it broke me.

    Today, almost 13 years later (to be completed at September 7, 2012), he has redone his life. Married, in love, with a newborn. Of course he doesn’t wish to see the lights of me, but Facebook has kept me informed. He is exuberant in his joy.

    As for me… I am still single. 13 years alone. I am still destroyed by the guilt and the pain. I never moved on. Oh I have tried. The first years in isolation for fear, and now, by choice. I fond my peace in the deep talk among faceless strangers online. In having a home with two dogs. In trying to heal my physical health.

    What I want? I too made a list. Wisdom and Knowledge are the top wishes, followed by Redemption. Do I hope to love again? Yes, I would like. But I complete 40 on September 30, and I will be inside a plane, restarting a life in Rio de Janeiro after traveling the world some (I am currently in France). I no longer wish to travel so much. I want to settle, to take care of my dogs, to lead a peaceful life. I would love to date, but I feel old and tired, fat and ugly. I am no longer the beauty of 20. I have no conditions to hold a job. I am not what any man wants, even if I am capable to love one like if there was no tomorrow – I did once, I can do again.

    Your blog was inspiring, but know that there are people that feel so deeply that crawl on the floor to pick up the pieces is painfully hard. While no one is responsible for another’s happiness, there is no law forbidding another to land a helping hand. I need a doctor of souls, and I am not alone. Your blog tells people like me: “there is a healing, there is redemption, there is a love waiting for you”. But, after so long, it never comes.

    The painful 13 years alone made me stronger in many aspects. It made me know what I like and what I want; what I would do or not for myself, and in regards to having a man. I figured out I am demanding, choosy, elitist – but if I spend hours choosing a pair of jeans that I will wear only now and then, why not carefully choose someone to share a life with? Oh yes, now I do know myself. I know what I would do for a love, and what I would not do; what I would accept in a man (I’d marry a surgeron that wakes up 4 am, for example); and what I would never take in (a man with offspring, for example, or with addictions, or cruel with animals). If I am grateful for the self-knowledge these lonely years have provided? Yes. If I would go back and do it again, have my love lost back with me, even if it meant to loose all I have today? Oh Yes I would. If I would like a chance, TODAY, to have him back? HELL YES I WOULD!!!

    Because what I know today, I knew back then. I just didn’t use the knowledge wisely. Today I do. I would put it to good use today. But today I am already old, ugly, and not at all what he – or any other man with sane mind – would wish for.

    Thanks for the article. I recommended to several of my own readers that, like me, need a bit of hope. There IS a healing for them. Love is for you, the young and the beautiful.

    A Reader.

  • I was crying the whole time I was reading this. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Being a serial dater for the first few years of my adult life I’ve now been single for awhile and to be honest…struggling with it. But thank you for cementing what I already knew…this is my time to fall in love with myself. And also…a movie I HAVE seen that depicts this kinda love story would be LOLA VS. It’s absolutely amazing and if you haven’t seen it you should check it out.

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