Stuff I Love to Death

Below I’ve listed a few resources that have helped guide me through my own process of discovering and living out my life’s path. Check ‘em out; they might be just what you were looking for.

(Disclosure: Each link below is an affliate link – I may get a commission if purchase one of these products. Please note that I only recommend products from entrepreneurs and companies I know and love myself, so you’re in good hands.)

Books I love:

I’ve created a library-list of the books I live and breathe by — check them out right over here in the “Unlost Library”:

unlost library

Online E-Guides & E-books:

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Confusion to Clarity: The Unlost’s Comprehensive Guide for Discovering Your Truest Career & Life Path
rb_3d1 Renaissance Business: Turn All Your Interests Into One Business
successful-freelance-writing-online Successful Freelance Writing Online: How to Generate a Full-time Income Writing for Blogs
How-to-Turn-Your-Side-Hustle-into-Your-Full-Time-Biz_cover_612x792-right-cover-size Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Business & Surpass Your Day Job Income in Just 6 Months
how_career_break_travel_ebook_cropped How to Take a Career Break to Travel
Publish Your Bestseller Publish Your Best Seller
start-a-blog-that-matters-250x250 Start a Blog That Matters
unconventional guides Uncoventional Guides on travel, entrepreneurship, and more

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free-mini-kit-2How do you discover the fulfilling, meaningful, passionate work you were built to do?

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  • Jeremy Hall

    Hey Therese,

    I am suggesting Charlie’s book “Play It Away”. I hope you’re well. Have an awesome weekend!

    Jeremy :)