The Universe Brought Me A Keurig

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Guy levitating a cup of coffee

Yesterday, something kind of amazing happened.

The universe brought me a Keurig — almost out of thin air.

I’ve been wanting one for awhile, actually — one of those sleek and glorious machines that spits out just the right amount of coffee for a perfect-sized cup. My old Keurig, a shiny red model that belonged to me in what I now refer to as “my past life,” got lost at some point in the shuffle of traveling and moving.

Since then — for four long years, no less — I’ve been coffee maker-less.

Given that I’m not a daily java drinker, I’ve been mostly ok with having such a naked kitchen — until lately, that is. Until I decided that I wanted to try this weirdo thing called “Bulletproof coffee” that consists of a buttery mix of coffee, supercharged coconut oil, and cow collagen. (Yes, I said cow collagen. Yes, you put actual butter in the coffee. And yes, it’s supposedly good for you. Here’s why.)

Creating this concoction, of course, would require owning an actual coffee maker.

And yesterday? Yesterday felt like the day. I was ready.

I drove to Fred Meyer. Stepped out of my car. Grabbed a grocery cart. Rolled up to the appliances aisle…

And I just. Couldn’t. Do it.

Call me cheap (or more reasonably, call me practical), but I just couldn’t justify forking over $150 for an overpriced coffee machine. I opted instead for a $20 old school coffee maker. “It’s no Keurig, but it’ll do the job,” I thought to myself as I drove home with a heavy heart. (First-world problems, I know.)

Little did I know that something absolutely spectacular was about to occur.

. . .

Later that evening, as I was about to snuggle with my dogs in front of an episode of The Bachelorette, something tugged at me.

I couldn’t explain why I felt the sudden need to jolt up off my bed or to quickly slip my shoes on and leash my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood — but for some reason, I did.

I’d walked less than a block when I spotted a box of items sitting on the corner of a quiet intersection. “FREE,” someone had scribbled across the box in thick red marker.

And what should I find inside this box of free stuff, nestled among a nest of t-shirts like a hidden jewel, but — I kid you not —

A Keurig.

Yes, a Keurig!

I could. Not. Even.

I could not even believe my eyes.

Needless to say, the cheap coffee maker will be going back to its home on the Fred Meyer shelves shortly ;-).

. . .

This morning I woke up and brewed a delicious cup of Bulletproof coffee in my new Keurig, savoring the smell of the beans as their aroma danced and drifted through the morning air. I sipped the creamy coffee from my mug slowly, thoughtfully, deliberately, as sunlight began to filter in through the window.

Leading up to this incident, I was just coming out of a rough patch. For awhile, I’d been stressing and striving and questioning: Why has life felt so hard lately? Why does it seem like no matter how much effort I expend, so many things still seem so far out of my reach? Why is is that nothing I want seems to come easily?


As I sat silently in the still of the morning, coffee in hand, gratitude in my heart, things began to shift.

In that moment, it felt almost as if the universe was whispering to me, “Don’t you worry, girl. I’ve got your back. I know you inside and out — so much so that I left you the exact model of coffee maker that you wanted almost right outside your door, on exactly the day you were ready to buy a coffee maker, at exactly the time you felt compelled to take a walk around the neighborhood. I know you. I’ve got you. I’m here.”

It was just enough of a sign to remind me that one way or another, my needs are always met. Big or small, everything I need comes to me in the right way and at the right time.

Not everything I want, but everything I need — everything that I’m meant to have.

At the heart of it all is trust: Trusting that the universe knows what I need (and conversely, what I don’t need).

Trusting that if I’m meant to have something, the universe can and will deliver — in the right time and in the right way.

And knowing that it’s not my place to pretend to know what my soul needs or what the right time or the right way is; it is simply my place to open. To deepen. To trust. To listen.

And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing to remember.

My "new" Keurig


I trust you.

I love you.

Thank you.



# # #

[Photo by Hokan Dahlström]

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  • Noni

    LOVE this! This email was the Keurig that I needed to hear right now!

  • Just found my way onto your list and I’m so glad! Great story. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Welcome, Amy! Glad you’re here!

  • VeryDynamite

    Therese. I read this site often and it see it as focused on wellness, smart choices and good positive things. Keurig machines are not smart choices. They leave a massive ugly piles of plastic garbage in their wake (multiply your daily K-cups by the millions of Keurig machines out there). They are wasteful and lazy and bad karma given physical form. Get a french press, they make great coffee and never need filters or anything. There is literally a floating island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean and Keurig machines are so part of the problem. You are a solution person, don’t be part of the problem. Oh also, a Keurig is a lousy way to make bulletproof coffee, the best way is to use a french press. Here’s a recipe:

    • Hey there, I use a reusable K-cup to put my own coffee in so no waste here :-).

      A French Press would be nice too.

  • What a great story, Therese! Thanks for sharing.

  • krzkatie

    Your comment/acknowldgement about the Universe knowing what you NEED versus what you WANT really resonates with me. I’ve read several other articles about how we will receive what we need when the timing is correct, not when we think we want it.
    Thank you, Therese!!!

    • Glad is resonated with you! I’ll be writing more about this soon, but I don’t 100% subscribe to “The Secret” mentality that we can manifest whatever we want at any time… I think the universe is more complex than that.

      I do, however, believe that if we’re open to it, we will receive what we need when the time is right.


      • krzkatie

        By the way, congrats on your move to Portland, it sounds like it’s getting better for you! That took a lot of guts and faith on your part. You’re a shining example of living Life.

        • Thank you so much, lady. I am feeling SO at home in Portland lately. More updates in a soon-to-come blog post :-).

  • Faith

    I love this story! Who are these strange furry creatures in our lives who sniff out these good things? Mine dragged me out three nights ago to find a chair and footstool – the ONLY two things I wrote on a list of things my son wanted.

    And mmm bulletproof coffee is my daily addiction. I add cinnamon to it. It’s pretty great stuff isn’t it? :)

    • Love it, Faith!!

      I’m going to try adding cinnamon now ;-).

  • Rob Collins

    Sometimes life feels like such a struggle, doesn’t it. I’ve been finding peace from letting go of my ideas of how life “should” be, and just accepting what is.

    I already am where I’m meant to be. Sometimes I just need to choose to view things a little differently.

    • Totally Rob. One of my favorite quotes at the moment that may seem fitting:

  • Sandy Cloud

    Very cool. I’ve been seeing the same provisions lately. I don’t believe the idea that I manifest anything I want, and yet I’ve also been seeing this cool co-creation aspect of my life – as I’m acknowledging my true desires, (even 1st world ones, wink wink) I’m seeing many of them manifest. I’m trying to just be open with my desires, love them, and then let them go. If they come back fulfilled, cool. If they don’t, maybe I don’t really want everything that goes along with them. Whatever is happening, I’m beginning to trust it. Thanks for sharing.

    • YES! Totally, Sandy, I love this! I think the “letting go” part is where the magic lies. Once you’re ok with OR without something and you’re able to let go and detach from your desires, you can put that energy out into the world and if it’s meant to come to you, I think the detachment creates space for it to come more easily and quickly. And if it’s not meant to be… well, then you aren’t in a total state of suffering without it because you’ve already let it go. Beautiful :-).

  • TunaonRye

    That is CRAZY! Just proves what I’ve believed all along, that our pets are really furry little angels!

  • lacuerdra

    Lovely to hear from you again Therese. What a great story. It is so true that what we need turns up at exactly the right time. So glad that your move to Portland is working out. Long may you be happy and healthy there x

  • We had the red Keurig at the cabin, right? Good memories. <3

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