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What if everything you knew
about finding career clarity
was wrong?

(Hint: It probably is.)


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And boy, do I have news for you...

See, for years, there was a question constantly gnawing at my soul: “What in the heck should I do with my life??!””

It wasn’t that I didn’t have a college degree or skills or a job – I had all these things. It was just that when it came to knowing what I really wanted to do with my life, I was completely, totally, utterly lost.

Sure, I knew what I didn’t want: I didn’t want to keep getting up day after day, trudging into work like a robot and then coming home to an empty house and another episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

I didn’t want a workday void of meaning and a lifetime void of – well, life.

I didn’t want to relentlessly climb the career ladder only to look back one day and find that I’d been climbing the wrong ladder all along.

I wanted something SO much more, and I wanted it so bad I could taste it.

There was a terrible problem in my way, though:

I didn’t know what this work was or where to find it. I had no clue where to start.

And like most people, I had the completely wrong idea about how it is that people actually find their way into passionate, fulfilling pursuits.

Are questions like this all too familiar?

Should I go to grad school? Get a new degree? Should I switch fields (and if so, to what)?

And if I did try something new, who’s to say I’d end up liking it, anyhow? It seemed so risky to start all over again. How could I ever know the right choice?

The thought of being stuck at my accounting job forever made me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit (actually, a lot) – but how could I possibly take steps forward without knowing what else to do or where to start?! I felt totally stuck.

For years, I searched hard for the answers, doing everything I was "supposed" to do in order to find clarity.

I read books and took assessments and talked to career counselors. I picked apart the possibilities with my friends and family.

“Maybe I’m meant to be a teacher,” I thought. “Maybe a counselor? Perhaps I want to work in marketing.” I searched the Internet and scoured job boards, hoping the find that one perfect thing I was meant to do.

Then something happened that totally changed the way I thought about finding my career path.

And it didn’t just change my view a little bit; it convinced me of the exact opposite of what I’d believed my whole life.

The Secret I Discovered

Here’s what I began to do: I began talking to lots of people-- people who were insanely fulfilled with their life paths and who were super happy OMG! (these were mentors and role models whom I trusted and respected deeply).

Based on dozens of these conversations, I began to notice something really weird:

Over time and after lots of nerdy research, I began to piece together a new model for career clarity that flies in the face of conventional thinking about discovering our career paths. The differences between the traditional models of career clarity and this new model are striking:

As far as I know, these principles aren’t taught in any high school, university, or career center in the world.

They’re amazingly simple, and yet no one had ever mentioned them to me before.

And by using these principles over time, I’ve been able to find my way into a career and life path that I’m incredibly, insane-ballzy, over-the-top passionate about.

I want to show you to do the same.

That’s why I’ve decided to create something awesome: a revolutionary new e-course designed to help you find your way into your truest career & life path – even if you have no clue where to start.

Introducing: Confusion to Clarity

The Confusion to Clarity E-Course will take you through seven modules packed with everything I know about finding career clarity and discovering your truest path.

You’ll learn to navigate your way through life using a proven process and to consciously, deliberately evolve your way into your truest career and life path, even if you don’t have the vaguest idea of where to start.

It’s packed full of all the stuff I wish I would’ve known 5 years ago – the stuff that even so-called “career experts” won’t tell you:


I’ve seen these methods work for people time and time again, and they’re the exact principles I’ve used (and continue to use) in order to find my way into the work I love doing and the life I love living.




More Value Than a College Course - At a Fraction of the Price

Aren’t you so totally pissed off?

Doesn't it piss you off that you’ve paid thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars on your college education, only to wake up months or years later to realize that you never learned the things you really needed to know?

You learned how to master a skill or trade, but you never learned how to determine if it’s the right skill or trade for you in the first place.

You learned that success meant getting good grades, landing a “good job,” and keeping up with The Joneses, but you never learned how to define—and listen to—your own version of success.

And you learned that in order to find a career you love, you need to start off knowing exactly what you want to do and exactly how to get there. (This simply isn’t true, and the interviews & research I’ve done have confirmed this time and time again.)

The Confusion to Clarity E-Course is like the college class you desperately needed but never knew existed.

It’s your real-world guide to how people really find their way into pursuits (and lives) that fill them up to the brim with happiness and passion.

Best of all, you won’t have to apply for loans or spend years paying off debt in order to learn this material — it’s available at a fraction of the cost of your college tuition.

Action: Guaranteed

This is you, jumping for joy because your life’s so goddang awesome.

Let's get real: We all know that the hardest part about learning new stuff isn’t the learning – it’s actually getting your ass off the couch and taking action on it.

That’s why I’ve included step-by-step homework documents for each module that guide you through the exact process for discovering your truest career and life path.

No more wondering HOW to break complex concepts down into digestible action steps—I’ve already done the hard work for you. All you need to do is follow the guided action steps for each module, and you’ll be well on your way to discovering work you love.

Here's What People Are Saying:

"Therese never ceases to amaze me. I’ve only found The Unlost a few months ago, but with this course she has sealed the deal as one of my heroes. She cuts past all of the bullshit that other personal development gurus try to sell and focuses on what really matters – helping people take action. This e-course not only helped me change the way I think about success, happiness and my career, but it gave me the support to start making changes in my life. I can’t wait to see what comes next."

- Katie Gresham

"This material needs to be taught in schools! A heck of a lot of people would be a heck of a lot happier in life if they had this knowledge early on – knowledge that will not only help them on their true path in the short term, but also give them the tools to happily evolve over time."

- Christine Callahan-Oke

"Therese’s funny videos are the best part of the course! They really grab my focus because they’re both humorous and insightful.

"TTherese does a good job of milking our personal truths out of us through the way the questions and content are all designed. Far harder for those of us who can easily come by the textbook answers to most things, is to begin to delve deeper and see OUR truth rather than the so-called right answers to things."

- Tanya Talisa

"Therese's passion for helping people is obvious in every section of this e-course – the concepts she has developed are unique and actionable, and their impact can be seen immediately.

"But the content is only the tip of the iceberg. The brilliance of this course is how everything works together for your benefit. The writing, the videos, and the homework all come together in a way that helps you move into action, discover answers, and get 'Unlost.'"

- Andrew Olson

"Taking the one, small step of commitment into the unknown of The Unlost has been one giant leap into gaining a self-awareness that I’m not lost after all. It didn’t take long before I realized that I was amongst friends.

Join the conversation. Get engaged, discover a rich list of resources in the context, and start taking the guided, small steps for finding your truest self. I promise you’ll have no regrets, and with a little effort of “doing” you’ll have a lot of rewards."

- Mary-Jo Gellenbeck

The Honest to Goodness Truth About Who This Course is For

The truth is, this course is not for everyone.

This course is probably not for you if:

This course is for you if:

The Totally Unbelievable, Totally Amazeballs, Money-Back Guarantee

I don’t want your money, guys: I want your happiness.

I want valuable results.

That’s why, if you don’t absolutely LOVE the content, then ask for a refund within 30 days and I’ll happily give you 100% of your money back.

(I’m almost positive you won’t want a refund, but I’ve offered this just in case. After all, if you don’t absolutely LOVE the e-course, then I don’t feel right taking your money.)

Ready to do this?

Ready to get all the goodies?




Still Not Sure?

I want you to imagine what your life will be like in a year if you stay where you are today without taking action. How will it look, sound, and feel? Will you be happy with where you are and what you’re doing?

How about five years from now?

Ten years?

If you’re happy with that thought, go ahead and click that “x” in the right hand corner of your screen (or the left hand corner for you Mac users).

But if you just can’t stand the thought of spending another second wasting this precious life of yours in a career and a life that’s not your own, if you’re ready to discover the secrets you’ve been searching for and to take action on the principles that will change your life, then I want you to envision a different scenario:

I want you to imagine, now, that you’re taking active, deliberate steps toward finding your truest career and life path. You have a clear framework to help you navigate your way through the chaos, and you no longer have to flounder around without direction and with no one to guide you. You’re supported and held accountable every step of the way by a tight knit community of people who really understand what you’re going through.

Finally, you know without a doubt that you’re well on your way to discovering and living a life of satisfaction and fulfillment. Which scenario will become your reality?

The choice, my friend, is yours.

If you’re ready to get rolling, reserve your spot right now. With a 100% awesomeness money back guarantee, what have you got to lose?

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