Why I’m Pressing “Pause” on The Unlost

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Hey there, glorious and spectacular reader,

I made this announcement several months ago to my email list, but I thought I’d post it here on my blog, too. You know, just to be official.

If you’re a regular blog reader of mine, you may have noticed something unusual over the past several months: I haven’t been writing on my blog lately. Like, not at all.

You may be wondering where I’ve gone.

Have I been swept off my feet into a whirlwind romance?

Have I been eaten by hungry alligators?

Am I quitting The Unlost?

No, no, and hell no.

The truth is, though, I’m pressing “pause” for awhile.

Because I need some time and space to breathe. To nurture myself. To prioritize. To settle into my new life. Because my intuition tells me it’s right.

See, lots of things have been shifting in my life lately. They’re good changes, to be sure — but big changes nonetheless:

  • I’VE MOVED TO A NEW PLACE! I’ve settled down in a new city (Holla, Portland!) and recently moved into a sweet new condo with my two dogs, a roommate and my MacBook. It’s such a welcome change after having been on the road and/or feeling stagnant in my hometown over the past three years. I feel like I’ve finally found my home, at least for now. :-)
  • I’M PARTNERING WITH AN AWESOME COMPANY! I’ve also partnered with the Portland-based company Idea Learning Group to help them write a revolutionary book about transforming workplace learning.
  • I’M WRITING MY BOOK! Lastly, I’ve been up to my earballs in sweat writing my first book, The Crappiness to Happiness Handbook. Like most projects, it’s taking me much longer than anticipated to complete — but I cannot WAIT to share it with you once it’s done. (If you want a sneak peek, you can get one right here!)

As you can see, I’m still writing a lot… but I’m just not writing on the blog right now. (At least, not too much — although it may happen occasionally ;-).)

I ♥ you!

Until later, gator,

Your friend,


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  • Nikki Wong

    I miss your blogposts therese!! Your relationship posts helped me so much infinding my way.
    Hope you’ll come back soon to inspire more who need it!!!

    • Aw… thanks so much, Nikki! It’s nice to know I’m missed :) <3.

      I've had a lot going on the past year or so that's kept me off the blog, but lately I'm starting to feel some stirrings of inspiration. I hope to be back soon!

      Much love <3 <3 <3

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