Confessions of a Freakishly Nerdy Blogger: Why I’m Leaving My Job, My House, and My Life As I Know It

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So if I haven’t already, today’s the day I admit that I’m a total freaking nerd.


Um, maybe because on Friday night at 10 PM I was at home answering emails to my readers?

Or maybe because while driving home from work the other night I erratically decided to switch three lanes all at once like a madwoman, almost getting myself hit by that yellow Dodge Neon because– um, because I’d thought of a brilliant idea for a blog post and I just HAD to write it down before it drifted away and was lost forever. (Note to self: Learn to use Siri.)

Or gosh, I don’t know, maybe it’s because last week I pretty much admitted that I’d rather write this blog than hang out in a beach cabana with Brad Pitt for the rest of my life.

The thing is, guys, that somehow, some way, for some weird reason, this is it.

This is me.

Somehow, I can’t not do this— I can’t not answer your emails, I can’t not stay up till 3 am finishing this blog post, I can’t not consume my life with and pour my heart into– well, whatever the heck this Unlost thing is.

Do you wanna know what the highlight of my day is?

You guys.

Like, I literally laughed out loud (LOL!) with delight the other day when a reader from Belgium ended her email with this statement:

“… Maybe your little messages on your website can help me to find what I really want. So, if that will be the case (and oh please, let that be the case), I will let you know and buy you some really fancy Belgian chocolate and beer (the only two things we are known for) and thank you a million of times.”

Chocolate and beer, baby! How could that not make my day?!

But seriously! How could all of you awesome, interesting, passionate, insightful, amaze-freaking-balls people not make my day??!!

Every day I’m lucky enough to get to know more of you who are asking the same questions I am– questions like “What the hell should I do with my life” and “Who the heck am I” and “Why is sh** so crappy sometimes?”

Every day I feel honored that so many of you have chosen to share your hearts with me– your hopes and your dreams and your struggles– that you’ve been courageous enough to open up your souls and your thoughts and your Facebook feeds to me. (Yes, it does take courage to allow me into your News Feed. Speaking of which, if you’re feeling especially ballsy today you may go ahead and click here now.)

I’ve come to know beautiful-hearted people like Aletheia who make inspiring art like this:









(More of it here)

And bold questioners of life-as-it-is like Sarah Goshman who pause in the middle of Giants games to ask much-needed questions like this:

Haven’t we been here before?

Then there are dudes like Chris Hughes who juggle (sort of almost) naked and mind-twins like Alicia and shit, why can’t I just name you all?

My friend Kelli recently wrote an AMAZING post about The Unlost (<– MUST read!) on her super-fantastico blog, Leopard & Lavender, in which she refers to The Unlost as a “community.”


That’s it, guys.

The Unlost is not just a blog.

It’s not just a website.

The Unlost is a community.

And, well, here’s the kicker.

I can’t get this crazy thought, this feeling, this knowing out my head that it’s supposed to become something so much more than it is right now– something so much bigger. Exactly what that thing is supposed to look like, I’m still in the process of defining.

But here’s what I know for sure:

I know that I want to pour my whole entire self into– well, into making this into something great.

I know that I don’t want to give it some fractioned percentage of my attention anymore– not just my after-work time or my weekend time or whatever time’s left over after spending 40+ hours per week in a cubicle just to pay for my house and my clothes and my vacations and to-put-it-totally-freaking-bluntly a life I’ve come to realize I REALLY DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT ANYMORE.

What I know is that I am NERDILY FREAKING CONSUMED, (un?)questionably to the point of insanity, with building and growing this community that brings me to life.

Which is why come April, I’m gonna leave my job, I’m gonna leave my house, I’m gonna leave my dogs and my hometown and almost my entire life as I know it–

And I’m gonna pack my life into a Prius and drive around the country meeting you guys.

I’m gonna spend my days writing and strategizing and creating while sitting in random little coffee shops in random little towns, wheresoever this crazy path might take me.

And I’m gonna spend my nights connecting and sharing and learning and being (and maybe drinking a vodka-soda, too. Because why not?).

In short, I’m gonna devote every piece of my self into building this community into– well, into whatever it’s meant to become.

Sounds totally effing crazy, right?

YES, which is why I almost wanted to chicken out and give you some bullcrap reason for my departure, like “I just want to wander for awhile” or “I just want to go on an adventure.”

But I couldn’t, because that’s not it, guys. That’s not why I’m doing this– not because I’m ridiculously sick of my “real job” or bored of my hometown or because I have some insatiable wanderlust or need for adventure. Not because I need a break from the “real world” or because I’m feeling totally lost. I’ve done those things before and they’ve been grand, grand adventures. But this time, guys, that ain’t why.

This time it’s so much harder to explain.

This time it’s because I’ve been called to create something. It’s almost less of a choice than it is a weird command.

This time it’s because I can’t not.

And I’m scared shitless that no one will get it, that no one could really ever understand, that I’m just some crazy weirdo lunatic. I’m f***ing terrified to utter this inexplicable dream of mine out loud.

But I figured that, hell, if anyone could ever get it, it’d be you guys.

So f*** it, there you go.

[Interjection: My apologies for all the non-swearing swearing (is it still considered swearing if you put little stars in the f***ing swear words?!).]


“Therese, what about money? What about having a plan? Aren’t you taking the huge leap that you’ve warned us against?”

Chuckle chuckle chuckle, my friends. All valid questions… which I shall answer to in time.

For now, if you would be so kind, answer me one (or all) of these questions:

1) What does The Unlost mean to you? How would you define the value that you receive here?

2) How could I best serve you? What one thing could I offer you that would truly change your world?

3) Seriously, WTF?










(Haha, just kidding… I think. I mean, answer that if you want to. I guess.)




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  • Traveling to meet everyone is an awesome idea! If you make it down to Orlando, Florida definitely let me know and we can hit up some of the parks and head out on the lake for some fun in the sun :)

    • I will I will, Chris! I have spent little time in Florida… EVER, so I’m definitely hoping to make my way through!

  • Welcome home! I’m excited to watch you explore and share your unique genius. Also excited to share moments with you in person. When the journey has meaning, every step is amazing. Make it count.

    • Thanks, Greg… looking forward to experiencing “home” as nowhere and everywhere all at the same time… I’m sure you know the feeling :)

  • SocialMinistry

    Congrats! this post is inspiring – I’m planning to leave my job this August to go back to school to purse a lifelong calling to be pastor. thank your for the reminder that this can be done! Best wishes.

    • Congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling to know what speaks to you and to have the courage to listen to it closely…

  • Afford Anything

    Congratulations! You’re definitely welcome to crash on my couch / hang out / etc. when you’re in Atlanta … I hope you’ll come this way!!

    • Thank you so much, Paula! Atlanta is definitely on my list and we MUST DEFINITELY meet up!

  • Yeah, that’s the spirit, girl!!! Sooo proud of you!
    (Great coming out as a blogger nerd by the way. I found myself in your words a lot ;))

    • Haha, thank you Conni! We are “coolishly nerdy,” I think… :-/

  • You’re so brilliant! I hope to meet you during your journey. You’re so much of what I try to emulate. That our lives can be more than the white picket fence, the 9-5 job, the 2.5 kids. I haven’t even come close to starting my “career” yet, but I’m so ecstatically happy with the low-paying, international jobs I’ve had in the last 2 1/2 years. Can’t wait to read more about your decision! xoxo

    • Career shmareer; having the chance to live internationally and to have the experiences you’ve had trumps it all, in my opinion! (And I’ll bet 98% of career-folk are jealous of you!). You go girl– hope to meet you on the journey as well…

  • At some point, you realize you’re making enough excuses not to pursue this thing. I’m really excited that you’re taking this adventure!! Come to Minneapolis!

    • Thanks for sharing in the excitement, Clem! I think I will come to Minneapolis; it appears that there are some pretty cool people in that town!

  • Can I say that those glasses are just divine?

    • Hahaha I concur completely.

  • What are you offering to us? The inspiration for your community to take chances. Being a role model in leading your own life – showing us that we don’t have to follow the well-beaten path created by others. Walking us through your emotional process while you’re on your journey. It’s the fears and “what if’s” that keep so many from ever starting their journey. The more transparent you are about the emotional side of things (as well as the logistics of: where does the money come from and how much do you really need, where do you sleep at night along your journey, what do you do every day…), the more connected we all feel and understand that it may not be easy but it’s totally possible. Rock on!

    Reading your post, I was getting flashbacks of when I was 28 and dropped everything to start my adventure. It was the best experience of my life!

    • Thanks, Paige– I agree; seeing someone else embark & (succeed?) on their own journey is always an inspiration– to know that it’s possible and that there are others who have “gone before.” I love your story! I’m glad that you can still look back on it now and savor the adventure without regret.

      • In an adventure like this, there is no “success” or “failure.” There’s just the experience of the adventure. It’s all good.

        Regret is the last thing in the world from my mind when I look back at my adventures. Physically I had whatever I could pack in my Jeep. Financially I had a few thousand in the bank. At one point I used a lot of it to pay off my Jeep because I didn’t want any debt. I always knew I could work somewhere if I needed a few bucks. And I did. Most of the jobs I had were in beautiful places outside and I was doing things I loved – none of it related to my college studies or career up to that point. I probably averaged $7 or $8/hour but that’s really all I needed at the time. It was all about the experience. An experience where I learned that ANYTHING is truly possible. You just have to decide to do it.

        My adventure was the first thing I did in my life where I had no plans, no goals (very unlike me). I just followed my intuition and it led me to more amazing places and people than I ever could have planned for.

        Bravo to you for making that decision and following through on it!

  • Lee

    Congratulations on following the inner voice of your soul. This is an adventure and choice that you will not regret. Keep listening to that inner voice as you make each choice and you will live a fantastic, happy life.

    In 1974 I heard the inner voice say to me “be happy”. I have followed that path ever since and each time I got into a situation where I was not happy it was a lesson for me and I quickly got back into being happy. Live is a wonderful adventure.

    I look forward to reading more of your path in life. Follow your dreams.

    • Thank you, Lee. Life is a wonderful adventure! Looking forward to having you along for the ride.

  • Missanonymous380

    The questions about he money and everything were the first things I thought when i read this. But i’m sure you have it all figured out. I really hope to get to meet you someday, and I wish that I could get these posts every day instead of every week, but you know that would be too much work. The stuff I read on here rings a bell, it’s like i knew all of it intuitively but couldn’t put it in to words. There are so many things I wish you’d write more about, and I really just need to send you an Email with all the stuff I’d like to see sometime. But my point is, i really love this site, and I get good vibes from you even though i’ve never met you, which I would love to do by the way. If you come to Missouri I hope to see you. The whole thing sounds really exciting, especially because you’re starting in the Spring. That’s a good time to travel.

    • Hey miss! You know that I’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on what would be helpful for me to write about. I wish I could write more frequently, too! When I have more time to focus on this work, who knows what changes will come about ;-). I’m not sure if I’ll come through Missouri, but I’ll let you know!


  • Dude–love it! I am also a huge nerd (proof:, and am reading The Unlost instead of working, despite having an impending deadline! Couldn’t agree more about the community concept, as I too would rather play with my blog than hang out in a beach cabana with Brad Pitt (though, as a straight man, Brad doesn’t hold much appeal for me, so the metaphor is weaker). Anyway, just a quick note to say “hey”!

    • Oh, and I called you “dude”–more proof of my nerdiness?

    • Hahaha, all valid points, and humorously crafted! ;-) Glad to hear from you, Kooz; say hello anytime!

  • Kelli Ryder

    SO wonderful, and thank you for the shoutout! I am excited for your adventure and all that you’re going to accomplish. Truly inspiring!

    • No, thank you! That was such an awesome writeup. And excited for your adventure as well, Ms. Ryder… yayyy!

  • Wow! I can feel your enthusiasm through this post. I’m new here so I can’t answer your question #1. But as far as number 2….just following you on this journey could possibly offer me a new way to look at life or even the ability to do something crazy that I want to do!

    And yes – it does sound crazy! But crazy usually means fun and eventful and full of lessons. It’s going to be cool to see where it takes you, how much you learn on the journey, and where you end up – if you stop at all!

    • Thanks, Kari– glad to have you here for the first time!

      “If I stop at all” is right– I mean, I don’t think I’ll travel forever&ever, but I do have the feeling that I may end up with a new “home base” and not ever come back home to “life as I know it.” Only time will tell :)

  • THERESE!! I agree with Kari below…I can feel your enthusiasm through this post…and it’s so contagious! It literally took physical effort not to squeal (too loudly, cuz I did..) !! So with that said, everyone in my office now, probably, thinks I’ve lost it! Or “unlost” it, rather ;)

    And as for the non-swearing…I quoted you on FB the other day, and my Momma is now very upset with me ;)

    (PS: sending you an email later today…no rush on responding)

    • Hahahaha.


      That is all.


  • Emily

    Schwenk! I got chills reading this! I am so happy and excited for you! I can’t wait for your travels to Eugene! Love you! <3

    • Awwww, thanks Em!! I still have an Xmas present for you, too… wow I suck… can you believe that in all the times I’ve been to Portland, I’ve NEVER come to Eugene??!! Excited for some hippie-fests! :) :)


    ^^ First articulate thoughts that came to mind after reading this post.

    • YAYAHHHH!!!!

      ^^But are they considered articulate?!!? ;-)

  • Laana

    Wow. I applaud you for the decision you made! I’m struggling with my job at the moment and reading your blog posts has been very helpful in navigating these choppy and stressful waters. I guess in response to your question, what does the unlost mean to me…it reassures me that there are other people out there who are feeling the same way. people who feel as though there must be more to life than this 9-5 and dealing with a shitty administration. I look forward to your Monday e-mails and hopefully, I’ll be able to make a decision soon about my job with the help of reading your blog along with the help of my friends and other things.

    I just want to say, good luck! And I think what you’re doing is extremely awesome!! =)


    • Hey Laana,

      There are absolutely other people who feel the same way… a ton of them! The good news is that there are a million gazillion different options, and that you get to find the path that resonates with YOU. Let me know if I can be of help in any way.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  • Ed

    First of congratz on your big decision, im sure it will be an amazing experience regardless of what happens, now your questions:

    For me, The Unlost is a community, a forum where we can all agree to be honest with each other and admit how lost we really are and how we have no idea if what we are doing is right. More importantly we can agree that it’s OK to be lost, probably more fun!

    Truly changing my world would just be to keep this going and adding to it. Getting guest posts from spiritual guides, business people, artists, just anything to make this more of a holistic journey we take together to figuring life out.

    That picture is def a baby Yeti running through the streets, no doubt!

    • Thanks for your support, Ed.

      I agree– one thing I’ve found is that people are really drawn to the honesty and the authenticity that they seem to find here. I thin it’s something that we all want & need whether we realize it or not– a place where we can just be exactly as we are– lost, confused, or wherever we happen to be in this very moment.

      Hahahaha FINALLY someone answers the Yeti question! ;-)

  • Forrest

    Yeah, it sounds crazy, but pretty exciting and totally worth it. This is a once in a lifetime type of situation. You can always get another job.

    • Agreed, Forrest. I can ALWAYS get another job! But I can’t always (if ever) get another experience like this.

      ^^ FYI, this is the guy who makes my site look so cool and who answers my million questions about internet things I’m too dorky to understand. Thanks Forrest :). I’ll probably see you in Olympia.

  • HOOORAY! Congrats on everything! I found your blog at the right time- I’m currently going through that whole “OMGWATAMIDOING” and everything you write is really helping me! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep us all posted!

    • YAY thanks Thalia! I will definitely keep y’all posted. Glad I can help in some way; let me know if there are any specific questions you might have!

  • Jennkrogue

    First and foremost..i don’t want you to leave me. I wish we could continue to call each other up on random occasions to do randomly fun things! And i will eagerly await your return from the time you leave.

    Secondly, i figured i would contribute my two cents.

    1) What does The Unlost mean to you? How would you define the value that you receive here?
    For me, The Unlost seemed to provide guidance and insight when I felt I needed it most. You know those awful days that creep up on you and you don’t realize that you are overwhelmed until you are laying on your kitchen floor crying to yourself? Those are the times when I feel the most helpless, when no matter what I confide to my significant other, my sister or my mom…it doesn’t satisfy the void. And then I find myself on your website thinking….YA! I am not alone! It’s normal to feel this way sometimes, and it’s society skewing me into thinking i need to be perfect all the time…and i need to be grateful for what i have when i have it. I have learned over the years to be more cognizant of the here and the now. No matter what you are going through, someone else is going through it. I need to be grateful for every little thing and remember that this moment does not define me…tomorrow will be better.

    2) How could I best serve you? What one thing could I offer you that would truly change your world?
    Oh Therese, if you only knew how much you really mean to people. There are times when I am stuck on my high horse with a silver spoon stuck up my ass and you bring me back down to earth. You are honest and simple about what life is about and what life should be. No matter what the hardship or what the obstacle you break it down and teach others to get through the experiences you have already been through. Continue to offer your knowledge, your soul, and of course your heart. We can all feel your passion in what you do, and that is why we so faithfully follow you through your life, every week :)

    I love you.

    • Oh missy-miss Jenn… I love you too. Thank you so much for this… you know, it works both ways around… when I’m stumbling and questioning and when I can’t find my way… when I’m feeling really alone… it’s hearing someone open up their heart to me like you just did that brings me back in and that pulls me back up and gives me the strength that I have. And so yeah, you’re right… it’s normal to feel this way sometimes, and we’re NOT alone, and society IS f***ing skewed, which is why we NEED real sh** like this in the world!!

      Ah you got me back to the passionate non-swearing swearing… but really, why isn’t it normal for people to know that “this is normal?”

      Let’s hang out SOON. <3 you– thanks so much for sharing, luv. <3

  • I’m so lucky to have come across you and your blog a few months ago. You are nothing short of an inspiration for our generation Therese! I’m hear for you anytime.

    Keep being amazing and let’s bring out the passion of our generation… couldn’t have asked for a better teammate!

    • Thank you Ryan! I really admire your courage and passion and what you’re bringing to the world. If I come through Toronto you’ll be the first to know!

  • BTW you’ll have an audience waiting in Toronto for you when you decide to come! :D

  • Congrats, Therese! I love your blog, and you’re right about how important it is. I recently discovered it, and it is so great to see that there are other people who don’t know what they’re doing. Keep it up :)

    • Thanks Holly! Appreciate the support!

  • aletheia

    ohmygoshohmygoshohymygosh. i’m totally freaking out right now. ok, so maybe not TOTALLY freaking out…i mean, i can’t really say i’m all that shocked…nonetheless, yay. so much yay-ing, it’s not even funny…

    • Hahaha… you & your soul are so beautiful… your art is so alive… it’s pretty obvous you’re stepping into what you were meant to do & who you were meant to be ;-)

  • aletheia


  • IHeartTravel

    I think your blog and this post is F’in amazing (and is it still a cuss word if you shorten it?..who knows). I love that you have decided to say screw it, its time to pursue this passion, I can relate so much as I am currently doing the same!

    I love your style of writing and expression, I literally CTM (chuckle to myself…as I think this is more accurate then LOL) when reading your stuff.

    So glad I came across you site and will be following your adventures wherever they take you, If you find yourself in Rhode Island anytime in your trip, I would love to meet with you !

    • CTM… I love that! I in fact CTM upon reading that :D

      And NO, it’s definitely not a cuss word if you shorten it! That is an immutable law.

      If I head through Rhode Island I will try really furiously hard to find someone who goes by the name “IHeartTravel” ;-)

  • Fantastic!! What a brilliantly insane plan – I love it! I’m a big fan of being “spontaneously practical” – meaning doing things other people think are crazy but having such a brilliant plan around it that they seem to magically start believing that it all makes sense. :) Good luck and I look forward to seeing where your stops are!

    • Thanks Diana! OOh I like that, “spontaneously practical!” I’m hoping that’s what I’ll achieve, because yes, this is the very essence of insanity + a (hopefully) brilliant plan :)

  • I’ll see your freakishly nerdy and raise you a batshit insane.

    To answer the 1st question, which you actually nailed in this post: Community.

    I love my friends and family more than anything. But, in many ways we just don’t understand each other. I feel SO out of place. (Queue the “one of these things is not like the other” song. Enjoy having that it your head. You’re welcome.)

    “You don’t have a ‘real’ job?!?”

    “You don’t eat any grains, not even pizzabagelmuffinsugarballs?!?”

    Everything I do is crazy, insane, or worse “lucky.”

    (I have to resist the urge to ninja kick genital regions when people call me lucky. Fortunate, yes. But I’ve worked my arse of dammit!! Ehem. But, I digress…)

    I’d love to be around people who *I* think are insane, so I can admire the shit out of them.

    That need led me to find you, and many other inspiring mofo’s via twitter such as Joel’s league of impossible things.

    The value? I’d define it as: To help and be helped.

    We’ve all been through a lot, and can learn much from one another.



    TL;DR: I love my muggle friends, but it’s time to head to a new school for people like me.

    • Haha, you are awesome, Kevin.


      Agreed, I am finding myself an insane community as well. Thank gosh for the internet! (Although I’m beginning to feel like an internet nerd, which is why I’m really looking forward to meeting people in person).

      Looking forward to learning from each other.

  • Therese, you are one seriously awesome chick! I truly think you are incredible. Your voice, your message, your passion and your bravery… everything about you just rocks on an epic scale. I am so excited about your plan to grow the Unlost, and am certain that it is destined to become a community that millions of people will look to for support and guidance. I am so excited to see what lies ahead for you, and will be cheering you on every step of the way. I hope our paths cross one day so I can even give you a cheer in person too :) Keep up the good work xxx

    • Hannah, YOU, too are awesome and passionate and brave! Which is why we are two pretty cool chicks. Millions… ahh that number scares the sh** out of me, but I do believe that if it’s meant to be, it will happen.

      ANd I don’t know, but I have this weird feeling our paths will definitely cross one day ;-).

      Keep up the awesomeness. Can’t wait to see your travel story unfold!

  • Anonymous

    Therese, you are indeed an awesome chica!! I find myself wanting to say that every
    Monday, but don’t wanna sound like a groupie :p. Good luck with everything and come to New York!!

    • Haha, wait I have groupies!!!? :P

      Thanks so much, Thomas… New York will definitely happen, just not sure the dates of anything. Hope to meet you there! Truly appreciate the support.

  • Jody Lamb

    Therese, I read this post last night and SEVERAL times throughout today, I thought of it (such as when I sat down at my desk and felt I’d never even been gone, opened my exploding inbox and listened to my colleagues argue in the hallway). You are brave, inspirational and bound for an adventure that you’ll never, ever regret. High five, lady!

    • Oh Jody, how I love your comments!

      Thank you so much for your support and excitement and encouragement! It means so much to me to have such amazing, amazing people like you behind me. Yeah, HIGH FIVE!

  • Nicolelane107

    First let me say I think many of us saw this coming. You can’t pour your heart and soul into something the way you do and not want to give it your all. The reason you were able to create such a community is because you genuinely want to help us find the path that will lead to happiness, as defined by each of us. Next let me say I’m really excited for this and would love for you to come to DC.

    To me The UnLost has helped me decide to end an unhealthy relationship because I had stayed so long to not disappoint; It has solidified my decision to apply for grad school; and in general it has decreased my stress levels. The value that I receive here is immense! In a world where Millennials are seen as rebellious, reckless and irresponsible because of our career choices and affinity for social media The UnLost is a place a peace. A place where we are safe from the disapproval of the Baby Boomers. A community that offers comfort in an inexplicable way.

    You can serve me best by coming to the DC area. I think that the community can serve you best by supporting you in this new endeavour. After all, your posts have been life changing for so many of us.

    • Nicole,

      Stop making me get all teary, girl!

      But really… “a community that offers comfort in an inexplicable way…” this is as much and more than I could ever hope for The Unlost to be. I am SO beyond humbled & honored by your thoughts & words… it sounds like you’re coming to know yourself & have been able to stand strong in making some important life decisions. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!

      I’ll make it a point to come through DC. Would love to see you! Thanks so much for your support!


  • Good for you for recognizing that we all have control to change our life when we are unsatisfied or unhappy. This blog gives me weekly reminders of what is important when looking forward. It has taken off the stress of graduating in May, because I know that the self-discovery process is a life-long one. Thank you for your honest and witty posts. It’s funny how we all seem to go through the same reflective process, and I appreciate that you highlight yours here.

    If you ever come to Phoenix, AZ, let me know!

    • Thank you, Maggie! It’s so true that there are so many of us going through similar reflective processes, and yet there seems to be so little out there that touches on this experience we all share. Why!!!!!!!!?

      So appreciative for your support; thanks again.

      Love Phoenix and hope to be there at some point!

    • Thank you, Maggie! It’s so true that there are so many of us going through similar reflective processes, and yet there seems to be so little out there that touches on this experience we all share. Why!!!!!!!!?

      So appreciative for your support; thanks again.

      Love Phoenix and hope to be there at some point!

    • Thank you, Maggie! It’s so true that there are so many of us going through similar reflective processes, and yet there seems to be so little out there that touches on this experience we all share. Why!!!!!!!!?

      So appreciative for your support; thanks again.

      Love Phoenix and hope to be there at some point!

  • Hi Therese,

    I also consider myself a total geek and am very proud of it! I often have thoughts about blog posts at random times and how I’m looking forward to the next post of a fellow blogger friend. Regarding your own blog, I find what you write both entertaining and inspiring.

    • Thank you Hiten! We can be blogging nerds together. Checking out your blog now! (Well, almost now…)

      • Yes Therese, this sounds good! The more of us, the better. And pretty soon us blogging nerds will rule the world! :-)

  • Oh, so exciting! You have many glorious things ahead for you and this is only the beginning. Would love to meet up with you if you come to San Francisco! You would love it here!

    • Ohh, glorious, I like it! Thank you so much Louise! I’ll be in SF for sure. YES. :-D

  • Jason Stauffer

    I am 100% behind your quitting-your-job-and-driving-all-over-the-place idea. I think that if everyone did this at least once in their lives we would have no cancer, hunger, or depression.

    • Haha, thanks Jason! I wouldn’t go so far to say that quitting-your-job-and-driving-all-over-the-place will solve anyone’s problems… in fact, for some people it might just give them more problems… but it’s absolutely the right choice for me. :)

  • Carly

    Commenting late on this, but I hope it’s not TOO late. To answer your questions:

    1) The Unlost, to me, isn’t about finding great advice (although there’s plenty of that and it’s something your blog does really well. Really, the reason this blog calls to me is just knowing that I’m not the only one out there that feels the way I do. I’m still searching for what my life is going to be, but until I found this blog I thought I was the only one. I graduated from a pretty good university, and all of my classmates are out leading really successful lives (by one definition or another), but I don’t really have much to go on, and it was getting a little discouraging. Until I found this blog and realized that if you’re writing pretty much exactly what I need to hear, you’re probably writing it for tons of people who ALSO need to hear it, like me! And that’s really uplifting, you know?
    2) As for what you can do for me, well, don’t do it JUST for me, obviously, but really, just keep writing. I love these posts every week, and they make me inspired to really go after what I care about. And if you decide, on your mega awesome trip, to come to central Jersey at any point this spring… well, it’d be really nice to treat you to a meal to show you how much you’ve helped me in the past few weeks. I’m so glad you’ve decided to do this full time. It’s clearly what you were made to do.

    Anyway, I hope you have a good day and a wonderful week.

    • Never too late, Carly!

      You know, I hear that from a lot of my readers: one of the main reasons they’re drawn here is because it helps them feel less alone. THIS IS AWESOME! We all need that… we all need it far, far, FAR more than we think we do!

      (And just a secret between you & me [+ everyone else reading the comments]: sometimes learning to “be ok” with the fact that you’re still searching for what you want your life to be… IS the learning that you were seeking. If that makes any sense at all… which it may or may not, meh.)

      I have no idea if I’ll make it to central Jersey… but keep reading, because I’m going to organize some thingamajjiger where you guys can tell me where I should stop! So you’ve gotta put your “pin on the map” & I’ll see what I can do!

      Thanks so much for your support! It makes me really happy to know there are people behind my CRAZINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  • I’m all about embracing nerdiness. And blogging.

    So, basically, I dig this post.

  • Today’s Rant

    Go get ’em girl! Hear ya loud and clear. Safe travels:)

  • Kristen Rea

    So I finally read this and . . .

    OMG!! Girl I am suuuppper stoked for you!
    AND the possibility to see you! Please say you’re coming to Colorado! Pretty, please! : ) My house has spare room!

    Secondly, to answer your questions:
    1. The Unlost has incredible value for me. Since what I want to do is not one of the prescribed means of making money and don’t have a straight path to get there. The encouragement and advice shared here encourages me to continue to pursue my dreams. The Unlost also helps me keep my sanity in a world that feels like it is spinning out of control and a job market that sucks.

    2. As someone else said, continue to write and do the Unlost.

    I’m so glad I met you! <3

    • Colorado OF COURSE!

      (&– your dreams are beautiful! :)

      • Kristen Rea

        YES!! : )

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  • I just read this!! you = amazing. way to listen to that voice inside ya. hope your Prius takes you as far as NYC. I miss you!!! I think I will see you in Philly either way?

    The Unlost means to me that my childhood-best-friend-pen-pal cousin a month younger than me thinks and feels and wonders and dreams and worries and schemes a lot like I do, now that we’re all grownded up, almost, and that she’s awesome and brave and a great writer! I love being affirmed in lots of questions that I’ve had since college (and you feel alone and confused and not-OK in that, a lot) and affirmed in feeling OK to see how things work out, now, and going forward. It’s great stuff.

    I don’t need anything from you besides that you keep blogging and pursuing your dreams. Thanks for sharing them with us!! <3

    • Hey love! I do in fact intend to make it to NYC! Yayy! <3 <3

  • Kim

    Hey Therese. Congrats. Maybe I’ll see you on the road? We’ve got three months driving through this beautiful country before we start our international travels in August.

    • Sounds fun! We should make it a point to cross paths! :)

  • Hi Therese,

    I came across your blog from a link on the site, “Balance in me”. The post was on the occasion of International Women’s Day and, boy, I am glad I clicked on it!

    Since it is my first day on your blog and I am absolutely loving your posts, I’ll try to answer one or two of your questions to the best of my ability:

    1) The Unlost represents a journey to find myself and my passions and direction in life. It is an inspiration to people to ask questions and be the best they can.

    2) The best part about your blog, as some other commenter had mentioned, is that you share your personal experiences and relate them to the topic at hand. Do continue the good work. Life lessons that are learnt by experience are a lot more authentic that regurgitated, recycled ‘truths’ that society and culture have passed on down the ages. Of course, some of these ‘truths’ are real truths but it is better to have verified them oneself or seen it in action in the lives of others.

    Keep up the good work. If you come to Portland, Oregon, I’d love to meet you.


    • Thanks, Lakshpri, & agreed. Hope to meet you too!

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  • Sarah Noonan

    Let me know when you reach the NYC area!

  • Sarah Noonan

    Also, how does your family (read: parents) feel about your endeavor? It sounds like you put a lot of thought into it and saved up some money for it. I’m considering doing something similar if it feels right within the next couple of years, but I’m finding it difficult to explain this to my parents so they understand. Any advice would be appreciated. (For the record, I’m sure your parents are incredibly proud of you. :) )

    • therese

      Hi Sarah!

      My parents have been incredibly supportive, and I’m very lucky to have them. Not knowing your parents or your specific situation, it’s hard for me to offer much advice– ultimately, although your parents might not understand, you are an adult and you can (and must!) live your own truth.

      And here’s the thing: I’m certain that YOU, in all your awesomeness and wisdom and strength, have a better grasp on how to handle the situation than anyone else could ever offer you. I am CERTAIN that all the answers you need are already within you– start there, and know that we’re all here supporting you in any decision you make :)

    • Oh goodness, I just saw your comment now, Sarah… sorry for the late reply!

      I’m really lucky that my parents have been supportive of me– I know that for many people, this isn’t the case. Email me and let’s chat?

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