Dear Cubicle, I’m Leaving You

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Dear Cubicle,

I never thought I’d say this, but

I’m leaving you.

Dude, it’s not you–

it’s me.

Thing is,

my was never in it.

I tried, but you were always asking so much–

Eight-plus hours of your day,

Forty-plus hours of your week,

Two-thirds of your precious waking life,

Your mutha-freakin SOUL,”

you demanded,

in exchange for…



. .

. .

“Deal!” I cried

I thought

it’d be worth it

I thought you were

the best I could do.

. .

. .

Derr Mr. Cube,

Would you cry if I told you

you’ve never satisfied me?

That nothing you can give me

is worth



Would you cry if I told you

I’ve been seeing someone else

on nights, on weekends

in my sleep and in my dreams

What if I told you

I’ve been giving everything,

everything I have

to this passion of mine?

Would you call me crazy if I said

I’m leaving you to




. . .

. . .

Damn straight.

. . .

. . .

This– this’ll be our last week together.

Gonna miss you, Cubey Pie


Dear Certainty,

You b***!

For the longest time, I thought I had you.

I trusted you. I believed in you!

Turns out you were just f–ing with me all along.

Turns out…

you were never really certain at all.


Is it possible to leave something

I never really had in the first place?

Watch me.

Dear Open Road,

I’m coming for ya.

I’m leaving



for ya.

I’m not sure what’s out there,

or who,

but hell,


give it – a – whirl.

Come back?

Maybe one day.




Dear Unknown,

I think I’m finally ready

to fall into your arms,

to trust in you


I think you’re

a whole lot

safer than I knew…

So bring on

the mystery, the uncertainty–

bring on

those gulps of delicious freedom.

Bring ’em on, beetch!

Dear Life,










bitter smooth


sweet Mystery-of-Life,

I think

I love you?

Dear World,

I’m not sure

exactly what I’m supposed to do here,

but it seems

my time’s arrived.

Ready or not,




# # #

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  • Whoooo-freaking-hooo!!!!! You’re an inspiration, Therese. :-D

    • Woooooop! So are YOU! Can’t wait to see where you’re led on your own path, miss Sarah!

  • Congratulations Therese! This is completely awesome and I wish you the absolute best. Enjoy the unknown!

    • Thank you thank you thank you, Jason!

  • Kristalinas

    YES, YES, YES!! This is…INCREDIBLE! You are…UHMAYZING – Life is waiting – GO GET IT <3 Love you all the way from your toes to your nose <3

  • For a couple of seconds there I remembered that November 1st when I left my job never to return again. Now I’m happy, I do whatever I want, whenever I want. I know the road ahead may be uncertain, and that’s the beauty of it! Go Therese!

    • Yep, that is the beauty of it, and don’t let ’em fool ya… the road ahead is uncertain either way ;-)

  • Trish

    Blessings above, over , around, surrounding YOU my amazing adventurer woman , you!

    • :-) (^^my mom’s first real comment!^^)


  • Congrats Therese. Way to have the guts to take the leap. :)

    • Thanks, Mr. Get Paid. Can’t wait to read your manifesto tonight :-)

  • NyCalGrl

    Good for you Therese! I am so proud of you. Thanks for keeping up with your inspiring blog. It reminds me that it’s okay to be uncertain, and to take things one day at a time. I also quit my cubicle job about a month ago to focus on what I am actually interested in doing with my life. There were some people that told me I was crazy to give up a good job, but most of my loved ones were very supportive of me trying to go after my dreams. I will be thinking of you on the road. -Emily ;-)

    • Very cool! All my support to you as well, Emily, and thanks for the <3 <3! :-)

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  • Great format, the analogy with a soul-sucking relationship is spot on. I am dreading going back to the cubicle, too. Cubicles have scarred some of us permanently:).

    Good luck! I am sure you will be great at whatever you do. Your blog is awesome!

    • Thanks for your well-wishes, Lakshpri… I hope for your sake that your cubicle-scars won’t be permanent :)

  • Therese: Well done. Good to finally see your mom on the blog too ;)

    • Thank you :-). Don’t get me wrong– my mom always reads them, but she usually sends me emails in response and has never written a real comment until now :-)

  • Poetic. “Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking.” ~ Antonio Machado

    I hope in the effort to create our own paths, they cross. Be well, T

    • Love this quote, thanks Greg.

      Likewise :)

  • Jennalking

    Can’t wait for all of your adventures. Love you best friend. xoxo

  • Missy, how are you in the midst of leaving the cubicle and life as Therese the accountant and able to be so damn creative?! Your brain is supposed to be a whirlwind mush fest. Yeeesh! Part of me loathes you.

    Haha. Just jokin’. I loved this one! And you are grand.

    • My brain kinda is a whirlwind mush fest… haha, don’t tell anyone ;-)

  • Diana

    good luck with your adventure!!

  • Congrats and looking forward to hearing about your adventure living outside the cube! Keeping you in my thoughts!

    • Thanks Kim, I appreciate the support :)

  • <3 you cousin. Suerte, blessings, enjoy :) Keep me posted!!

    • Thanks Cati… I sure do miss you!

  • God I just love this! You are such an inspiration and you are beyond talented. Best of luck and you know I’ll be keeping up with you :D

    • Appreciate that, Kayla! Thxx!

  • good for you. congrats!
    Noch Noch

  • Jamie Davis

    This post was awesome!

  • I love hearing the stories of accountants liberated from a life of audits and misery! This is spectacular! (I come from an accounting background too).

    • therese

      Hahaha, thanks dude :-)

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