The Secret To Career Change: Stop dreaming, start acting

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Let me ask you a question, dudes and dudettes:

How many hours per week do you spend at work or school each week, thinking and wishing and dreaming about how things could be different, about how you could change careers and find a fulfilling path if only…

If only you knew what you wanted to do and how to get there.

If only you had more time, money, support, motivation, courage, clarity…

If only, if only, if only.

I get emails all the time from people — emails that say things like,

“I’m currently at my job for a gourmet dessert company.  Basically, I sit in a freezing warehouse in the ghetto part of town and copy and paste cheesecake info onto pre-made templates. My back, neck, and eyeballs are killing me from sitting and staring at a computer all day.

I want to change the world!  I want to help people!  I want to use my forces for good!  Instead, I turn off my brain and waste my gifts making money for other people.

And I’m sick of it.”

Yep, I get emails like this every. Single. Day.

And I feel your pain. I really, truly do.

But what I want to ask every one of these lovely people is this:

“What have you actually done in the past day — week — month — to actually find your way into a new reality? To actually find your way forward, to forge a new life and career path?”

Because, let me tell you: If you’re just thinking or wishing or wondering, it’s likely you’ll be doing the very same thing years from now.

You’ll be driving the same commute, thinking the same thoughts, living the very same life.

Regardless of your good intentions or grand wishes, your reality is NOT going to move you in the right direction by default.

Nope — no way!

Instead, YOU must decide to move your reality.

You MUST act.

And the way I see it, you’ve got two choices:

You can sit back and do what you do every day — dreaming and scheming, wondering and asking, but never moving closer to the life you were meant to live.


You can do something different. You can choose to act, to actively and consciously shape your life. (And if you don’t know how to move forward, all the better. I’m going to show you how.)

[Credit: Quotable Cards]

[Credit: Quotable Cards]

So let me ask you the question one more time:

How many days — weeks — years — have already passed since you’ve begun to ask questions, to beg for change, to starve for something more — more fulfilling, more stimulating, more you — yet for whatever reason, you have failed to take action and to take steps forward?

How much time has already slipped by?

And how many more days will you continue driving to work, thinking, asking, dreaming, but failing to ACT?

365 days?



Think about it, guys.

What if the time was now?

What if the time has always been now?

Credit: The Bold Academy

Credit: The Bold Academy


I’m here to show you the way and to help make your path clearer than ever… if you’re ready to act.

In case you missed the announcement last week, the new and improved, better than ever, second round of The Unlost E-Course to Finding Your Truest Career & Life Path is about to re-open.

Yes, it’s true: On April 29th, 2013, you could be among a community of peers who are ready to take action toward the life and the career they were meant for.

And I’m making it as easy as possible for you by OBLITERATING the biggest excuses you’ve got:

BS Excuse #1: “I can’t take steps forward until I have it all figured out.”

I mentioned in last week’s post that over the years, I’ve studied and interviewed and spoken with many-a-person who is deeply fulfilled with his or her work. I’ve read books and done research and navigated my own path.

And I’ve come to a surprising conclusion, backed not only by anecdotal evidence but also by scientific and research studies: Discovering your truest career path most often happens not by “figuring it all out,” but instead by being willing to not have it all figured out — combined with deliberate action steps designed to help you find your way over time.

The many people I spoke with almost always started off from an initial place of confusion — but over a course of months and years, they found their way into clarity and fulfillment by acting on the E & E (Experimentation & Evolution) principles and methods that I teach within this course.

No more wondering about how to find your way or agonizing over which actions to take — inside The Unlost E-Course, I’ll give you concrete action steps that you can take today and a clear navigational lens through which to act, all based on sound principles of the “E & E” (Experimentation & Evolution) model and built in as a part of the homework assignments.

“Now I have a clear compass, process and mindset that has been incorporated into me to keep forever, helping me navigate all the twists and turns of my life’s path.”

– Kelly N., Unlost E-Course participant

BS Excuse #2: “I don’t have enough willpower.”

Sure, it’s hard to take consistent action.

It’s hard to consciously shape your own path rather than sitting back and letting your normal day-to-day actions shape your life.

But I’ve made it as easy as possible by inventing and implementing a new model for accountability and support that’s never been seen before: Move-lah, the world’s newest form of currency.

Agree to pay with Move-lah, or action, and you’ll essentially be required to act on the course content in order to make your way through the course modules.

It’s revolutionary, and it’s capturing the attention of people everywhere — in fact, I did a TEDx speech this past November on Move-lah and how it is changing people’s lives.

BS Excuse #3: “I don’t have time.”

I’m not going to spend very much time on this one because it’s simply silly.

I mean, I totally understand it that you’re busy, but what I don’t understand is how you expect to ever re-engineer your career and your life if you never carve out time to focus on the important.

Learning the course concepts is the easy part: You can choose to go at your own pace and on your time if you sign up for certain versions of the course.

Heck, you can listen to it on your way to work every day — commuting can suddenly become a powerful way to start your day; an act of transformation rather than trepidation.

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 12.54.38 PM

Sarah did it… you can, too!


Learning about the principles that can help you find your way into a career path that’s truly your own? You can easily do that with the time you already have.

But then once it becomes time to act on the concepts, there’s no getting around it: Yes, you’re going to have to put in some time and effort.

Because, like I said, the life and the work of your dreams rarely just “happens to you.” You’re going to have to go out and take action to get it.

Which I know you’re ready to do, because, well — you’re still reading this right now, aren’t you?

* * *

So there you go — I’ve slashed all your BS excuses.

The only question now is, are you ready to move forward and to join the community?

Think about it: By July of this year, your situation could already look drastically different.

You could have hope.

Momentum. Direction.

A completely new reality.

You could have a game plan for moving forward, and you could have already started making it happen.

How would that feel?

How would your life look different than it does today?

And most importantly, are you ready to get started? Or are you going to sit back and let things continue as they currently are?

If you’re ready, click here to register for The Unlost E-Course today.

I’ve extended the early bird registration deadline for an additional week in order to receive all the bonuses below: A killer one-on-one coaching session with expert Unlost coach Sarah Goshman to help you find your way… an online group workshop with career coach Ryan Coelho… Job Jenny’s “Stop Sucking at Your Job Search” plus a delicious display of other goodies, all piled on top of the undeniable goodness of The Unlost E-Course.

You’ll never see another offer like this again, not in the history of time.

Jump on it while it’s hot, baby. Register before April 7, 2013 and get ALL THREE of the early bird bonuses below absolutely free:

Early bird gift #1:


Hour long one-on-one “Finding Your Own Way” coaching session with Sarah Goshman, Expert Unlost Coach and genius behind “Oh My Gosh Man Consulting” (a $90 value).

Been wishing you had someone who could guide you through your current stuff one-on-one? Sarah will show you how to listen to your intuition, how to make choices that are really right for you, and how to craft a life that is both delightful and uniquely yours.

This free gift will disappear 4/7/13


Early bird gift #2:

Ryan Coelho

Two hour “Career Builder” online group workshop session with career coach Ryan Coelho, president and founder of GameOn Leadership. In this workshop you’ll understand the structure of building a great career and learn how to get started with yours. Ryan will also help you overcome common challenges in making progress.

This free gift will disappear 4/14/13


Early bird gift #3:

Job Jenny
THE famed Job Jenny’s stellar e-book on reinventing your job search.

Instead of trying to cram through the front door, using methods of job search that just don’t work very well anymore, she’ll show you how to head around to the side window, flip open a step ladder, climb up and hoist yourself through.

This book is a must-read if you feel like keep losing at the same old job search game.

bonus number 3

Amazon five-star rated “Quitting is for Winners” e-book: A Practical Path to Professional Freedom” by Stewart Snyder of [Click for a preview of this very well-done book.]


Unlost Mystery Gift Quotes [Click for more info]


This free gift will disappear 4/19/13


To view course details and to pre-register with FREE early bird bonuses, click here.

See you on the flip side.

# # #

 [Image by Zavarykin Sergey]

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  • Ah… “I don’t have time.” Man, the amount of times I hear that! All the people who say that seem to be the ones with the most time actually. Or at least that’s what I’ve found.

    It’s funny how it works out because the one person in my life who really doesn’t ever have time doesn’t say that. She just ACTS. No dreaming, no complaining.

    It’s all about taking that first step and people dream up excuses as to why they can’t take it.

    • I like your story about your friend who actually DOESN’T have time, Vincent. I’m going to remember that one… :)

  • I stopped dreaming and started acting in August last year. My biggest excuse was always wanting to have everything figured out before I took any action. Now I know that’s impossible to do and it’s in the not having it all figured out where the magic happens. I still have days when I wish I had the answers, knew how it was all going to pan out, but for the most part, I’m just enjoying the journey now and that’s pretty liberating. If you want to change your life enough you stop making excuses and just get on with it.

  • Looks like a great course. I’m 100% behind the idea of taking action to gain clarity. Good luck with your launch!

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