The Biggest Surprise of Your LIFE!!!* (Discover Your Career Path)

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[*So maybe it’s not the biggest surprise of your life, but I bet it’s at least the biggest surprise of your day? Unless your bf just broke up with you or you just got a raise or spilled coffee on your lap or something weird like that. But whatever, I digress.]

Bitches and dude bitches,

Today, my friends, is a day unlike any other.

For months and months now, I’ve written posts that have hinted at things like,

“You can’t always think your way into the answers”


“You don’t have to know exactly where you’re going in order to end up somewhere great!”

Until now, however, I’ve failed to piece the details together or to provide a big picture view of how, exactly, this process can work for you.

Today, my friends, this all begins to change.

Today, at LONG LAST, I am finally releasing the


Update (7/16/12): Sorry guys, but I’m no longer offering the e-guide in a chapter-by-chapter donation format, and Chapter One is no longer available for download on this page. Instead, I’ve decided to turn the guide into a full out e-course that will be available in September of 2012. 


This guide is all about discovering your career path– or in essence, your life’s path, because I’m not sure that the two can really be separated. It was written for you if you can relate with any of the following:

– If you’re a student, recent graduate, or jobseeker who has NO CLUE WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE and if you have no idea (or very little idea) of where to start or how to gain clarity.

– If you’re a person of any age who finds yourself stuck in a “path that’s not your own” and you want to escape, but you’re not sure how or where to begin.

– If you find yourself constantly thinking things like, “There MUST be more to life than this!”

– If you’re looking for a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life and in work.

– If you’re ready to kick ass and start becoming the amazing person you were born to become.


To your surprise, delight, and/or chagrin, THIS GUIDE IS NOT NORMAL.

Here’s why.


That is correct– instead of releasing it all at once, I’m releasing one chapter each month. This is because I don’t want you to simply sit on your arse and consume the content– I want you to follow along with the guide and TAKE ACTION as you’re guided through the process.

That said, each chapter will have homework, and…


That is, I’ve designed the guide in such a way that you cannot read the entirety of this guide without taking action.

Yeah, you heard me right.

When I release the next delicious chapter next month, you will be required to remit payment in order to receive it– not monetary payment (although you’ll have the option to donate based on the value you’ve received), but behavioral payment.

That is, you must complete and submit each chapter’s homework in order to download the new chapter each month. (Basically, when I post Chapter 2 next month, you’ll have to submit a form with your homework results before you can gain access to the next chapter for download.)

If you don’t like this idea, sorry I’m not sorry.

This guide wasn’t designed simply to be read; it was designed to help you become the person you’re meant to become, which means that you’ve got to actually do something. I won’t settle for anything less from you guys because you are that amaze-balls.


From the beginning, I’ve provided all my content free of charge and free of crappy advertising for one simple reason: It’s what I believe in. I believe that non-sucky advice should be accessible  to just about anyone who seeks it.


You know what else I believe?

I believe that if they have the means to do so, people are more than willing to pay for that which they truly value.

So here’s what’s up: If what I’m doing here on my site and with this guide has been valuable to you, then you’ll have the option each month to donate an amount of your choosing to help support what I’m doing here at The Unlost.

What value would you place on the content I provide? If you could buy it off the shelf, what would be on the price tag?

With each download, you’ll have the option to support The Unlost and to monetarily pay for the value you receive– it’s not required, but it is deeply appreciated. Just think of it as buying me a latte for my efforts.

Thank you guys for allowing me to support this site in a way I can believe in. ♥


Without further ado, I present to you Chapter One, Version 1.0 of The NOT YER MOM’S GUIDE, an experiment in uncovering your best self, allowing your own unique personal path to evolve, and changing the world in the process.

In Chapter 1:

– I bust open the MYTH that you “should” have your life and your career all figured out from the getgo.

– I expose the four weaknesses of traditional career planning methods, including why thinking and analyzing your way into the answers rarely works.

– I tell you why we’re in fact searching for something much more than a career, why a title or occupation will never satisfy us, and what will.

This lays the foundation for the chapters to come, in which I’ll reveal specific techniques that are designed to help you overcome the weaknesses of traditional “career planning”  methods and to deliberately live and evolve your way into your own unique and fulfilling path.

(Longtime readers: Be forewarned that you may experience deja vu: the guide contains some recycled material from past articles; however, new content has been added as well, and the forthcoming chapters will be almost entirely new content.)


Update: Sorry guys, but I’m no longer offering the e-guide in a chapter-by-chapter donation format, and Chapter One is no longer available for download on this page. Instead, I’ve decided to turn the guide into a full out e-course that will be available in September of 2012. 

. . .

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  • Love, Love, Love this Tree – Way to Go…and how awesome that A. I can buy you a latte from across the pond + B. You’re doing this in chapters – Kudos my friend…You are one bad mamajama and I adore you. x- Kristalina

  • It’s an interesting coincidence that right before seeing this news I read a similarly themed article on career and life paths:

    • YES! I love Cal Newport. He’s a really smart guy and a big influence on me :)

  • Jody Lamb

    YAAAAAAYYYY! Latte it up, lady. Can’t wait to read this! What a Tuesday treat!

    • Yayyyy lattes! Thanks girl! :)

  • OMG, I am going to do this guide and blog about it on my blog: — My readers (Ahem… I have 2 subscribers LMAO but I’m working on it) NEED this guide!!

  • What a great idea! I love that you are doing this in chapters and then forcing people to turn in homework, to get the next chapter.

    I try to maintain integrity at all costs… But I really want to steal your brain.

    This is such a great idea! Very creative :)

    • If you steal my brain, that’s cool… at least you were honest about it, so integrity is intact!


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  • “Bitches and dude bitches”



    Therese…you are….special. :D

    • I love being special! :-P

  • What an amazing idea! Not only the content but also the delivery. Love it! When I graduatated from college (ahem, 23 years ago) I was one of the losers who thought they had it all figured out (had a “good job” with a big firm before the end of first semester my senior year). I was consumed with shoulditis and didn’t even know it. It only took a few more years for me to fit the other four descriptions you laid out. Then it took me another year or two before I finally did something about it.

    I’m so passionate about helping others in the same boat. I love love love what you’re doing here at The Unlost! I want to do whatever I can to spread the word that “the system” is total BS. We’re individuals free to change our minds and do “crazy” things (only crazy to the duds who strive to keep the status quo). Our passions need to be expressed, not suppressed.

    Rock on Therese!!!!

    • Thanks, Paige… so grateful for your support and to have people around who are passionate about similar things. I’ve told you this before, but I really love your story; it embodies everything that I believe in!

      And yes, we ARE free to do crazy things if we want to! (We’re also free to not do crazy things, of course, if we don’t want to.)


  • Just_Jenn

    Congrats, girl!! Hooray for you! I’m so excited to read Chapter 1, and kudos to you on the monthly chapter release format, I love that. And I haven’t read through the comments yet, so it’s possible some might not like the “homework payments,” but I LOVE this idea! Too often, I enjoy reading these things much more than taking action – so I am happy to be forced into doing something. :) And finally, great job on the pay-what-you-will model. Nice to see you getting paid for your work, in a way that you firmly believe in and feel good about. :) Cheers! Now I have to go read…

    • WOOHOO! Thanks, Jenn! (Hope you still like the homework idea after you read the chapter and the homework, haha! Personally, I am SUPER excited to see how this all evolves. But then again, I would be.)

  • Okay, that’s, like, THE coolest way to release a book like this, ever. Homework…that you actually have to SUBMIT…I love it! Genius. I’m looking forward to checking out the first chapter!

  • Alana


    This is the kind of homework I can actually enjoy and will be helpful/useful. Unlike calculus. Such a creative format.

    I’ll check it out when I get home. I’ll either have Starbuck’s or a beer in hand. Depends on how the day ends.

    • Starbucks or beer… hard decision, haha!

      There is more coming on it next week Alana; stay tuned :)

  • Rad

    I recently dropped out of college because I realized how useless a sociology degree or any college degree would be. i’m planning on being financially independent in 2 years with the money I make online. But I realized this morning that I’m lacking passion. That “eye of the tiger” hopefully this guide will help me find what my gift is, what path I need to take in order to be truly fulfilled. bless this post

    • Hopefully this guide will help make your path more clear :)

  • Darn–I don’t have my PayPal account password handy. I’ll come in later tonight and do this, as I know it’ll be worth it. This is such an awesome idea Therese. I’m glad to be a part of it!

    • Glad to have you involved, Bethany!

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