Informational Interviews: The Right Way to Find Work You Love (An Interview with Isa Adney)

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OK, so maybe there’s no one right way to find the work you love, but I am surprised at how often overlooked this method is.

Informational interviews are an easy, effective, and power-packed way to not only get a taste of whether a certain field or job is really for you, but also to learn what it takes to succeed in the field and build important relationships and contacts.

Ever jumped into a field or a job without knowing what it was really like, only to find out later that wasn’t right for you?

Ever searched far and wide for work, only to realize that all the best jobs had already been snatched up by people inside the employer’s network?

Or ever wanted badly to break into a new field but had no idea how to do it?

Yes, yes, and yes?

Then this method is imperative for you.

Why in the heck aren’t you doing it yet?

Watch my interview with Isa Adney, author of Community College Success, below to get the scoop on why informational interviews are SO important, where to find people to talk with, and what questions to ask– plus her top three tips for making them as successful as possible.



Visit Isa’s Facebook page here, or click on over to her blog for a free download of the first chapter of her book, which– by the way, I was super, super, SUPER impressed with, so much so that I included it on my list of must-have resources for 2013. You should probably read it– just saying.



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[Image from Isa Adney]


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  • Amazing as usual Therese — you’re freakin’ fantastic, you know.

    Question: How can I download the mini-kit if I’m already a subscriber to the newsletter? Just curious. Thanks!

    • Thanks lady! Just sent you an email to let you know. FYI for everyone else– I’m working on an option to make it easily available for existing subscribers right now. :)

  • Turquoise Parakeet

    First class advice. And I think everyone should have a mini-Therese in the bottom-right of their mind that they can carry round with them :)

    • But hey, this advice is from Isa! ;-)

      • Rob Collins

        Of course! Congratulations to Isa for providing such crystal clear and useful advice. I was just tickled my the notion that, as per the video, each of us might have our own little Therese in the bottom-right (of our minds) asking us thought-provoking and productive questions.

        • therese

          Hahahaha :)

        • Hahaha :)

  • Kelly

    The video was awesome. I went out and ordered the book on Amazon. That was EXACTLY what I’ve been needing this week.

    • So glad, Kelly! (Thanks Isa!)

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