The Unlost E-Course Sneak Preview (Part II): Why Traditional Career Planning Fails

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Heya wonderful you,

Only two more weeks until the Unlost E-Course closes registration on April 19th! Over 70 people have already taken the course with great success, and I hope to see lots more of your smiling faces this time around.

Up until the 19th I’ll be continuing to give you exclusive previews of the Module 1 E-Course content before returning to my “regularly scheduled programming.” Today, of course, is no exception!

Watch the exclusive sneak preview video below and learn why it is that traditional career planning methods (e.g., career assessments, careful consideration of career options, etc.) often fall flat — and what to do instead to find yourself moving toward a career of purpose and fulfillment rather than stucked-ness.

You’ll learn why discovering a deep interest or passion doesn’t happen in the way you think it does, why finding a job or a career you love is sort of like getting attacked by pirates (huh?!), and how to know when the time is right to take a big leap as opposed to staying home and playing it safe.

And best of all, of course, you’ll get to hear my beeoootiful voice! :-)

Check it all out in the exclusive screencast video below.

(If you haven’t yet seen Part I of The Unlost E-Course Exclusive Sneak Preview, make sure you go back and watch Part I first.)

An Unlost E-Course Alum Speaks!

Here’s what Kelly N., an Unlost E-Course alumni, had to say about her experience:

I couldn’t recommend this course enough! The biggest change for me was a change of mindset — thinking about my life and where I’m going as a process and series of experiments is such a relief. It really takes the pressure off feeling like everything has to turn out perfect or be the “right” thing.

The group meetings are the best part of the course. It was so key to have people to talk over the content with and share ideas. It was wonderful to realize that other people are going through the same anxieties that I am, and that not having it all figured out is normal!  

I really wanted there to be a magic bullet (God that would be nice), but what I realized is that THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET, and thinking there is one is crazy. Instead, “figuring it out” is a process that happens over time and that we must continually act my way into.

Now I have a clear compass, process and mindset that has been incorporated into me to keep forever, helping me navigate all the twists and turns of life’s path.

– Kelly N., Unlost E-Course Alumni

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